• Timmy

    Bro, this man never disappoints. I've been a NF fan for about 4 years now and i still love first song on yt. I love and respect you more than myself man. The best part is, is that he doesn't make these songs for fame. 😍

  • King Nova
    King Nova

    The i know what that means I know what that means hits hard it reminds me of some other pop or rap song I just can’t remember comment section help me out

  • landenhd

    This man saved me i almost died if it was not for him

  • High_sickbay_4U

    This one is my favorite

  • Shelbys GT2014
    Shelbys GT2014

    I wish this song never ended!!

  • Jeff Hough
    Jeff Hough

    Music can be medicine to some, this mans music pulled me from the corner of room and slowly back to a sence of normalcy.... thanks brotha

  • JDM @4HM
    JDM @4HM

    NF tracks are all so deep. Keep up the great job Nate...

  • taylor shook
    taylor shook

    No matter who u are his music speaks to everyone in so many different ways he is just pure talent!!

  • Secret Symphony
    Secret Symphony

    I don't know but "tables they turn but was it worth what it cost you" hits me hard

  • Komodo Dragon100
    Komodo Dragon100

    Is this song about his wife? I'm just curious for who it's was was written about.

    • Nikki

      Def not about his wife

  • Halfhuman

    love you man ❤

  • team fx
    team fx

    #nf is the best

  • team fx
    team fx

    nf doesnt want fame he just want to show his emoitions and help others with their proplems thats why i love him and subscribed with notis

  • Elizabeth Williams
    Elizabeth Williams

    REAL MUSIC 🙌🏾🎶✊🏽❤️

  • Aman Jain
    Aman Jain

    Dear nate, you will probably never read this but I want to let you know that you had the most impact on my life and your music saved me many times from ending my life. You have inspired me to be a rapper like you and let my emotions out to the world. You don't know it but you are like a God to me. Thanks man.

  • ConnorK

    This song is so underrated

  • Kidaa

    Man is perfect

  • Deacon Nijim
    Deacon Nijim

    almost sounds like a cat meowing in the begining

  • Taylor Nobbs
    Taylor Nobbs

    It’s almost like you were dating my ex Nate.

  • I like Jeffy from sml
    I like Jeffy from sml

    You say rapper me and ma homies say life saver 🙏

  • Dream Chase
    Dream Chase

    I swear I be listening to more nf lately dude is incredible

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    this dude has both talents of singing and rapping. dudes a lyrical genius and a genius in general, and helps me through a lot. love you bro

  • Christopher Aina
    Christopher Aina


  • The Real Aaron Collins
    The Real Aaron Collins

    This is the band ZUMBI's new song "FEAR". A new band of Christian Believers who write about what's going on in the world today from a Christian perspective. Check them out.

  • watkinzrulz

    NF helps me in so many ways thank you very much sir

  • Ivan Kappello
    Ivan Kappello

    Eminem 2,0 and Eminen's brother name is nate.. this is the simulated brother.. so Much talent nf

  • Harold Delgado
    Harold Delgado

    Imagine if Juice Wrld and NF made a song that would be a bomb 🔥

  • loredEREBUS

    Love nf

  • Cailen Cox
    Cailen Cox

    And he’s back

  • Dabi

    "even unhappy people can have happy moments." the words that my parents should know.

  • Stegg gg
    Stegg gg

    Can you make more songs like this

  • Viper

    🎶💕 Happy Prideful month 💕🎶

  • SuperJP3

    At the end, with the voice in the background, when he says fadingly “Prideful” the second time always gives me goodebumps

  • p p
    p p

    Yeah Feels like I work my hardest when I'm at my lowest Even unhappy people can have happy moments Even small circles fall when the people you chose are Lookin' at you like you owe 'em that money you're grossing Brief seconds that impacted my life, on a huge scale Weigh 'em like what's wrong and what's right Predictions I predicted often arrive Like they own the place, and suffocate the areas that I thrive Had some disagreements Business model got some cracks, that's your biggest weakness Way before I got involved, you knew that ship was sinkin' So tellin' me to dive in water you won't dip your feet in Tends to make me question you for lots of reasons Keep twistin' my words, you got some courage, I applaud you Tables, they turn, but was it worth what it cost you? Watch and observe, lot of concerns in my heart, still Angry and hurt, got what you earned bein' prideful Prideful, yeah, prideful Taking what you need, then blame it on me, man That's so prideful, ayy, prideful Callin' me conceited, oh, that's how you see it Well, that's so That's so shameful Guess that's what I get for bein' faithful Oh, you think I'm soulless 'cause the bank's full? Yeah, oh, you think I'm heartless 'cause I made dough? Yeah, that's so painful Didn't know what you was doin' on the down low Yeah, still you out here actin' like it's my fault Yeah, I ain't never said I was an angel, no I know myself enough to know what I need Showed your true colors, I don't like what I see Story keeps changin', I know what that means Know what that means, I know what that means How'd you go from bein' that somebody I believed Into bein' someone doubtin' me behind the scenes? Can't forgive a sorry that I ain't ever received I mean least you could've done was gave me an apology But you're so prideful, yeah, prideful Taking what you need, then blame it on me, man That's so (that's so), prideful, ayy, prideful Callin' me conceited, oh, that's how you see it Well, that's so (that's so, that's so) (Callin' me conceited, oh, that's how you see it) (That's so, prideful, prideful, yeah) (Callin' me conceited, oh, that's how you see it) (That's so)

  • Brandon Page
    Brandon Page

    keep it up nate

  • David Surina
    David Surina

    Watching NF’s music evolve from the 7th grade and now I’m a senior still has been changing my life, keep up this life changing music

  • Josh Richardson
    Josh Richardson

    Bruhh you're litterally my favorite artist always the realest

  • Jhonatta Edward
    Jhonatta Edward

    He does want fame, he just learned how to wait for his time.(I mean every one wants to be known, but not everyone knows how to wait.)

  • PLUS 18
    PLUS 18

    Eres el mejor ❤️🔥

  • Caro Fuentes
    Caro Fuentes

    estoy llorando, amo a NF ao esta canción

  • Andrew Calcote
    Andrew Calcote

    So true God speed for being truly free. True love.

  • Andrew Belcher
    Andrew Belcher

    -Where are I- Friend of mine. The brother told me about the world that is under the sky. Change of characters and hellish goodbyes. Pain, Bains, and Jet aeroplanes. Explain. There, our brother fought, died.- stole wives, stuck knives. Preparing children to take sides. Build them kids up, not to survive. - Disguise. Foes as bros* holds as hoes* education to be bought as sold, traded links to enable concealed control. I ask how do we know this? Wanna know what they told us? *Bam* don't remember a thing. Now angry. Speaking sanity, going through motions pleasurable to personal vanity. Collecting action from acts, gone passed. And then at a stop on the tracks. A familiar voice asked. "What is under Your sky?" There just like that. Felt ravenous wolves hungry hunting for facts. When my senses pleading for me to omit and relax. A sensation unknown to me, hearing the word come from mouths. Not me. Dedicated definition list's identifying what I'm. Feel-ing. Realing . To the conversation at the, be gin ing. Caught ponder wandering, what reality of reality I be. In. See? A d generate-d, or a pre-meditated, and man-u-fractured, crossed link? -Then I blinked.- my heart I am clasping, reenacting. Tours throughout memories that didn't happen. Accomplishment that I falsely felt, likely to just "be happy". Confidence displaying arrayed around those whom wish to Crack me. Lashing out when given the notion that those whom wouldn't back me. Affirm that every person would eventually just attack me. Only smack me. Maybe dig me up in ordinance to display "eactly". Stabbings I did not feel. Revealed ALL our dirty deals. Observing are devastating heels. Entertainment satisfyingly hearing piggy squeals. To mend their own individual thrills. That which has and has not yet, will really heal. I continue developing how, what it took to feel. = students mentors contenders, contempt--ers presenters offender, defender. Comprehensive consequential sequential condescension benders. Pruners of deregulate circumstantial regulations for curing those whom mistakely mistake theyself as cancers. Will I ever forgive my answers? Is erasure and forgetting, in the best interests? Will bringing public judging, give them closure? Is this enclosed in my fairy tail enclosure, my woes there? Hey. Though I look at the start of race, I paced. Was at haste, chased to what lies in wait. I am building my studio, my family and myself a place in this waste. Know that my mindset, heartset, body's soul trust is set. Fragmented or segmented, are all shamelessly still part of one and the same. Human being.

  • Andy Avalos
    Andy Avalos

    Do you know

  • Andy Avalos
    Andy Avalos


  • Andy Avalos
    Andy Avalos

    What is he saying though

  • Rajkumar Chitaranjan Singh
    Rajkumar Chitaranjan Singh

    no one dislike see how good this song is

  • mo wens
    mo wens

    don't doubt the wisdom lol unless you rip the teeth out of the back of my mouth/cold world kids grab your coats

  • mo wens
    mo wens

    This song can be related in so many different ways i love it just depends on who.

  • mo wens
    mo wens

    my all time favorite thanks for sharing this song

  • Emna khmiri
    Emna khmiri


  • Jarer Alraghy
    Jarer Alraghy


  • Andy Avalos
    Andy Avalos

    im sorry 100%

  • PleaseQuitChewing1010 Please
    PleaseQuitChewing1010 Please

    I just wanna say thank you

  • H∆!W∆∆N

    Yo yo yo yo yo big big big big big big big big fan sirrrrrrrr

  • Turner Oldach
    Turner Oldach

    "Telling me to dive in water you won't dip your feet in" That hit different

    • S B
      S B

      Hell yeah it does! ❤

    • peace

  • Lukas weger
    Lukas weger

    i don´t know how often i rewinded this song.

  • Turner Oldach
    Turner Oldach

    At first I didn't like it. I lisind to it again and Reality hit me this song is 🔥

  • DutyQo

    1:50 - 2:20 is the vibe tho, that cuts so deep

  • JustNick22

    I found NF from one spotify game playlist (NFS payback) with the song "let you down". Thanks god, i found one guy who can hear me and help me without knowing me. Nate it's my therapist.

  • Tanktastic

    12s sounds like a cat meowing

  • te megela Talos
    te megela Talos

    Eyo NF swore at this song lmao

    • Nikki

      @te megela Talos he says ship you fool. NF does not swear in any albums in any songs this is not that hard 😂😂😂

    • te megela Talos
      te megela Talos

      @Nikki shit is a swear literally says it google is free

    • Nikki


  • Solo Bvndi Mic
    Solo Bvndi Mic

    damn I don't remember going a day without listening to this sound I love it

  • Luchi Hidi
    Luchi Hidi

    Todo el nuevo álbum está re buenooo


    You say - this is a music / song Nathan - therapy💯

  • chriskinetticc

    Been making good money lately. Feeling like iI'm on my stride, busting my ass- but I don't feel whole, and taking time to decompress to NF has helped a ton. Late drives, windows down, music blasting... "staring out the window doing 85..."

  • Hitoshi Shinso
    Hitoshi Shinso


  • Trey

    Project smiles by projecting whats uplifting. Daily diagnosis.

  • Nicholas Torres
    Nicholas Torres

    😞 what im dealing with right now with someone NF thank you.

  • Jon Torrie
    Jon Torrie

    This guy is amazing. So glad I found his music, I feel every song.

  • Timetravel_0

    this deserves more plays!!!

  • Lil Baa
    Lil Baa

    this is my fav song from the mixtape and I feel every single word from Nate in this song

  • sassy tesfaye
    sassy tesfaye


  • Michael D Cobb
    Michael D Cobb

    I see myself in you. I find myself constantly feeling hesitant to giving glory to the only one that deserves credit. I am as useless as you are without The lord but I find myself feeling shy about Making him the spot light just like you make song that don’t even mention him even though you said that’s what you would use this platform he has given him for

  • Kevin Adams
    Kevin Adams

    I wonder how many suicides NF has prevented with his music.

  • Sonya Stewart
    Sonya Stewart

    I don't know what i was gonna do if i didn't find you nf. You are the best 🛒🎈

  • Username

    This is such a drake rip off, all this dude does is plagiarize other rappers who are miles ahead of him.

    • Nikki

      Here you are again. Learn an artist first. By the way bud drake and future used NFs video props etc on their life is good video. NF trended number one with his when i grow up video and it was made in june of 2019 and drakes came out january of 2020. You look stupid lol go look it up there is tons of videos and posts made about drake and future snaking NF.

  • Carolyn Ann
    Carolyn Ann

    Love this. Feel this 100%

  • STAR

  • Life Travels
    Life Travels

    One of the best NF songs out there 👌🏻🔥

    • Username

      Yikes, this is literally a drake song.

  • 121 bre
    121 bre

    real this man 🔥

  • Music Videos
    Music Videos

    I listen to nf since it had 1m subscribers now it has many more and I am still here listening to its good rhymes its good music🎶 #nf

  • IIV Official
    IIV Official

    steal you out here like its my fault , damn good

  • General Meyer
    General Meyer

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥THANK YOU NATE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Olivia Theresa
    Olivia Theresa

    If Drake did this song instead of NF this song would be all over the place!!! This man puts his soul into his lyrics and if the world doesn't appreciate him the way they should I guess that's okay....his fans know what's up!🥰🥰

    • Cooper Berry
      Cooper Berry

      Drake’s a whole different style though. He doesn’t sing this type of emotion

    • daania ramjee
      daania ramjee

      So true but imagine if drake remixed this..omg it would be amazing

    • Mandla Mbuyazwe
      Mandla Mbuyazwe


  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez

    Oooooooooooooo. You tell them NF!!!!!!

  • Leah Johnson
    Leah Johnson

    "cant forgive a sorry that i ain't ever received, i mean least you could've done was gave me an apology"

  • BlryCarrot11

    This is absolutely the best song to put on repeat and sleep to💯💯😁

  • 7

    I know myself enough to know what I need. Damn straight- im me and loving myself and doing my best has nothing to do with my pride. Just my willingness to be better than yesterday

  • The Cool Kar
    The Cool Kar

    return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • bittersweet tragedy
    bittersweet tragedy

    return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • bittersweet tragedy
    bittersweet tragedy

    return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • bittersweet tragedy
    bittersweet tragedy

    return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • RookPiece

    return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • RookPiece

    return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • RookPiece

    return to public hair 🙏 its not too late💗 public hair loves you✝️

  • outsider beats
    outsider beats


    • Naum Tinga
      Naum Tinga

      yooo, can we work toghether??

  • Kris Baird
    Kris Baird

    Which song is the most fire... Firest... Quickest... Whatever.. Edit: this is my mum's account

    • TAC0_LORD

      Well all of NF’S songs are fire and they have so much meaning but if i had to tell you some of them my personal favorites are real the search green lights hate myself and lost and theres a BUNCH more but those are some of them :)

  • Aaron Y
    Aaron Y

    Anyone else notice the opening to this song is the same humming as the background voice towards the end of “i miss the days” or am i just too woke

  • Yvonna Noel
    Yvonna Noel

    I love you Nate. I know you don't know who I am, but your music is my best friend 💜

  • FaLx

    everybody gangsta till NF starts singing