NF - LAYERS (Audio)
Official video for “LAYERS” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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SEP 22: Maryland Heights, MO -- Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
SEP 23: Noblesville, IN -- Ruoff Music Center
SEP 24: Clarkston, MI -- DTE Energy Music Theatre
SEP 25: Cincinnati, OH -- Riverbend Music Center
SEP 27: Cuyahoga Falls, OH -- Blossom Music Center
SEP 28: Burgettstown, PA -- The Pavilion at Star Lake
SEP 29: Bridgeport, CT -- Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater
OCT 01: Gilford, NH -- Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
OCT 02: Columbia, MD -- Merriweather Post Pavilion
OCT 03: Raleigh, NC -- Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek
OCT 05: Tampa, FL -- MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
OCT 06: Jacksonville, FL -- Daily's Place
OCT 07: Pelham, AL -- Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
OCT 09: Simpsonville, SC -- CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
OCT 10: Charlotte, NC -- PNC Music Pavilion
OCT 12: Brandon, MS -- Brandon Amphitheater
OCT 14: Rogers, AR -- Walmart AMP
OCT 15: Oklahoma City, OK -- Zoo Amphitheatre
OCT 16: Austin, TX -- Germania Insurance Amphitheater
OCT 17: Houston, TX -- Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman

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  • Nicole Mccormick
    Nicole Mccormick

    This is the definition of a lyrical genius

  • Izzy D
    Izzy D

    okay this goes hardddd🔥🔥 (like every NF song)

  • random as fuck
    random as fuck

    You can't compare Eminem and NF, if they were both guns Eminem would be a AK-47 and NF would be a BMG, their both in their own level, their own world, so stop trying.

  • Gina L-L
    Gina L-L


  • Slava Evdokimov
    Slava Evdokimov


  • Louis G
    Louis G

    Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!🤪 That's how I feel after hearing this!!!

  • Crusader David770
    Crusader David770


  • NaMaths

    So NF made the alphabet and EMINEM kill it 😅 Now, how in the fuck am I supposed to get out of debt? I can't rap anymore, I just murdered the alphabet. When it comes to makin' records Who you know that does that better? The way I connect letters You'd think that the alphabet was made by me When it comes to storytellin', I'm great at it.

  • taylor shook
    taylor shook

    This man has been my favorite since his first album and since he stands up for what he believes in no matter if people like it or not he is truly a artist !!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • PrEy RePz
    PrEy RePz

    Let’s help Nate out, we as his fans need to help this man get the clout he deserves, not played on the radio, not played anywhere but here, If you’re reading this comment share this amazing track on every social media platform for the people who have not heard what real music sounds like. Nate if you somehow impressively come out with a track greater than this, you’re not human… you’re an Angel. 🧖‍♂️😇

  • Oqtik

    Best writer of this generation

  • : Dahda :
    : Dahda :

    Nothing MISSES

  • Kuhle Gadala
    Kuhle Gadala


  • Gavin Zimmerman
    Gavin Zimmerman

    Anyone who doesn’t like nf is kinda wierd

  • Maverick Gaming
    Maverick Gaming

    Y would I kill the guy love to listen to?:I

    • Maverick Gaming
      Maverick Gaming

      Me listen to u more than my mom and dad:I🙃

  • yigal elia
    yigal elia

    nf make every song masterpice

  • crysler

    looks like tor fans got offended !

  • Immanuel Mbango
    Immanuel Mbango

    this song reminds me of logic- 44 more both songs r fire tho, im not complaining

  • XxaplezxX

    ur the bets i love you its fire

  • AcFizz


  • Katie Warren
    Katie Warren

    Dude i almost forgot about you and thrn this popped up so happy to see ya again great work

  • Z. Hafsa Kaya
    Z. Hafsa Kaya


  • Danny Escobar
    Danny Escobar

    Beat switch? Beeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Little Spiderman and little venom
    Little Spiderman and little venom

    This is properly my favorite song ever

  • Nathaniel Martinez
    Nathaniel Martinez

    NF gonna pass Eminem. Say what u want but just cause em has been in the game longer don't make him a good rapper🤣 all of NF songs are good.. I can name like 20 em songs that are just terrible

  • FOXK1D


  • William Daniels
    William Daniels

    "Even with a HANDFUL of dish soap I say what I want to" fuck ya, that's what mom did du

  • deven Gilbert
    deven Gilbert

    me: ahh its over 1:54 NF: starts rapping again me: jams harder

  • Daniel Wilkie
    Daniel Wilkie

    The master of switchups 🥵

  • The DreadBoiz
    The DreadBoiz

    His lyrics have lyrics

  • Thomas Board
    Thomas Board

    DJ 4 loko ft my bro John board & my Nicole Williams fire 💥💥✌ I love you bro John board & I miss you bro ✌

  • The DreadBoiz
    The DreadBoiz

    His lyrics have layers

  • Taha Real
    Taha Real


  • Taha Real
    Taha Real


  • abusha tadese
    abusha tadese

  • abusha tadese
    abusha tadese

    lyrics for vLAYERS

  • The Real Aaron Collins
    The Real Aaron Collins

    This is the band ZUMBI's new song "FEAR". A new band of Christian Believers who write about what's going on in the world today from a Christian perspective. Check them out.

  • Brady Alonzo
    Brady Alonzo

    He’s not the second Eminem he’s the first NF

  • Brady Alonzo
    Brady Alonzo

    Real music by a real artist

  • your local lofi rapper
    your local lofi rapper

    I can't stop listenin, I can't!

  • The DreadBoiz
    The DreadBoiz

    His lyrics have lyrics

  • Elite lawd
    Elite lawd

    #NF FFFFFFF💥💥🔥🔥💥💥💥🔥💥💥

  • Marty Martin
    Marty Martin

    This song just hits different

  • Jeremy Shields
    Jeremy Shields

    This song deserves so much more clout I’m actually pissed for nf 😔😔

  • Itz_JustRoxy

    Me accidently skips video: Noooo! 😭


    1:56 when it drop I got goosebumps lmaooo this fire

  • Lucas olsen
    Lucas olsen

    What's different with Nate, is that he writes the lines to match the beat. All of his songs are like that, it just takes practise to perfect it to the point Nate has. What I believe Nate means when saying "layers" is the different depths of personas he has, like in 'Nate' where he talks with his fear, in 'When I Grow Up' when he talks about almost being 2 different people on- and off-stage. Using the term "layers" can also mean something deeper, like the different personas, having other sub-personas depending on the "vibe" of the person he is talking to. Much like a lot of people who struggle with anxiety and other mental illness' does, hides your true self to protect it, from possible emotional 'attacks' - like getting sudden emotional outbreaks and/or dealing with other peoples emotions.

  • aiman zaim
    aiman zaim

    He raps faster than Usain bolt’s running

  • Lockette

    Yourube made me a " playlist for you" and it's songs from the mixtape 😂

  • Sleep

    No one: Shrek's playlist:

  • Saad Suleman
    Saad Suleman

    *Fat on my belly :* 2:55

    • Brenda Martinez
      Brenda Martinez

      @your local lofi rapper that has happened to me before, where people get offended when I or someone else says "God bless" or mentioning God. are you christian?

    • Brenda Martinez
      Brenda Martinez

      @your local lofi rapper haha yeah I'm christian 😁

    • your local lofi rapper
      your local lofi rapper

      @Brenda Martinez you didn't seem to mind when I said God bless, last time I said that, I almost got slaughtered by some people in a comment section😁

    • your local lofi rapper
      your local lofi rapper

      @Brenda Martinez I had to look through all my notifications just to find this comment thread, I just wanted to ask if you're christian?

    • Brenda Martinez
      Brenda Martinez

      @your local lofi rapper aww thank you. youre welcome, God bless you too 😊

  • Lana Showler
    Lana Showler

    Nate my kids and I scream mixtape word for word, drop a new album the words READY ;) come back to melb Australia , my oldest wants to see you !!!! ;) You are his idol ... Layers is my fav... Actually ALL are. !!! You make my insomnia easier XX

  • Cole Morgan
    Cole Morgan

    Does anyone else listen to his mixtape to fall asleep at night

  • dezu-mu

    I'd like a whole song with the beat from 1:36 - 1:47 at playback speed x 2 crank all the way up ^_^

  • Terrence Griffin
    Terrence Griffin

    I'm at the car wash bumping this

  • Dillon Bledsoe
    Dillon Bledsoe

    Passing airport while song plays bomb whistle was kinda weird

  • Jeremy quiring
    Jeremy quiring


  • Organic Mindset
    Organic Mindset

    NF = untouchable 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Zachary Crider
    Zachary Crider

    Yo the switch ups are so unexpected! They’re LOW-key fire...

  • Swagger Tabber
    Swagger Tabber

    Who has more layers Shrek Onion NF

  • Gaming_Master -_-
    Gaming_Master -_-

    Bro nate has mich more Talent than eminem(my opinion)


    team delirium on top


    If this guy is not on your radar than your radar is broke.

  • Secret Shotgun Ape
    Secret Shotgun Ape

    That beat change tho 🥵

  • Matthew Mayle
    Matthew Mayle

    By far my Favorite track!!!!

  • Madhubanti Sukul
    Madhubanti Sukul

    Everyone- Eminem Me-NF

  • Echo Thefirst
    Echo Thefirst

    Oh my god nf just went crazy with this album

    • Yum yum8383
      Yum yum8383

      And it's not even the album it's the mixtape

  • Ghalaghor McAllistor
    Ghalaghor McAllistor

    Shrek: Ogres have layers, like onions! NF: My layers have layers

  • Lee Reon
    Lee Reon

    He has nice songs

  • Real Champion
    Real Champion

    This should hit more views 🤦‍♀️

  • Joe Arends
    Joe Arends

    Mom: I don't like rap Me: Its not rap Mom: What is it Me: Its "Real Music"

  • Shelby Englund
    Shelby Englund

    I pray for his healing journey.

  • Alex Bowman
    Alex Bowman

    I approve

  • James Karani
    James Karani

    To be honest there's no way u gonna say that God ain't manifesting in this banger of a jam bless up to the peeps involved✌✌✌👌

  • aria amirmoini
    aria amirmoini


  • Andrea Martin
    Andrea Martin

    Man he hits it every time! Keep the tracks coming we all love you!!!❤️

  • Andrew Gravensteins
    Andrew Gravensteins

    anybody else wear beanies all the time bc of him

    • jellybean

      yeah lol

  • roy om
    roy om

    Dislike this song and like mumble rap yes 🙃

  • Micah Marshall
    Micah Marshall

    Love how it changes beat! SOOOO COOL!

  • Josh Griffin
    Josh Griffin

    Its confirmed guys ,aint no bad songs on any NF albun , im waiting for the Eclipse.

  • DVR Dawg
    DVR Dawg

    Nf killing this beat so brutally GoD 🤯🤯🤯

  • Lilli Cooke
    Lilli Cooke

    sorry what you went through wen you as a kid

  • ZRobbie D
    ZRobbie D

    Nf is much like an ogre

  • Holy Doughnut
    Holy Doughnut


  • Chill sasuke Plays
    Chill sasuke Plays

    Bro NF your music is soooo fire omg

  • Gavin Swanson
    Gavin Swanson

    My grandpa died and this makes me feel better.

  • Chikinbutt The best
    Chikinbutt The best


    • Yeeyee


  • torch1028

    So NF is an ogre like Shrek? Got it

  • Pinus Niron
    Pinus Niron

    Why is every NF song fire

  • Indy De koning
    Indy De koning

    NF shows with layers (and this mixtape) that he can switch his beats, flows and subjects of the songs if he wants, however he stays loyal to his fans and his chosen pat. This mixtape is to show the world his dept and the things to come!

  • Luchi Hidi
    Luchi Hidi

    Esta es una muy buena canción ohhhh

  • John Dox
    John Dox

    Yeah tell them what it is bro yo you know what would be dope if Dax Hospin Tom Macdonald token and NF came together like the avengers and Kill shit 200K on this is video For it to happen #ENDGAME

    • Kyro

      Bruh that would be the best song ever

  • Nellbae

    And he just keeps killing it

  • Taylor Mathes
    Taylor Mathes

    72oz BIG TEXAN...... AMARILLO TEXAS.....just ask for the MathesBros...we got yu

  • Stryker

    Best song I've ever heard in my 35 years.

  • Jakob Ractliffe
    Jakob Ractliffe

    Nf is a whole onion

  • Blessed jay
    Blessed jay

    NF is a beast

  • sp1d3rb0y

    Then Shrek be like A Shrek: ogres are like onions, we have layers.


    even with a bar of hand soap in my mouth i still say what i want to. he saying all this without cussing ts crazy

  • xen

    Lyrics: Yeah (ayy) I got layers to me I got plans, I got goals, I got tricks up my sleeve I got calls, I got deals, I got people to meet I got drive, I got soul, I got everything (ayy) I got scars, I got heart, I got family to feed (woah) I got people mad, I ain't who they want me to be (ayy) I got people I don't know tellin' me what I need (ayy) Yeah, I got loved ones sayin' that they prayin' for me I'm thankful for the prayers, I need more of those Put my hands together, bow my head and thank the Lord for (ayy) Everything He's done, yeah, ain't none of us immortal So while I'm still alive, I got so much to look forward to Addicted to the craft (woah), got no time to chat (woah) This a lil' somethin' to hold 'em over for what's next (woah) Even when I guess (woah), I get it correct (woah) Question my work ethic, that's a question you don't ask (no, no, no, ayy) Yeah, don't ever question if I hustle, work a double Drop a bomb on me, I climb right out the rubble, not a struggle Tossin' me under the bus'll get you muzzled Pop your bubble (pop) Throw your compliments right out the window (ayy) So unique with this I can flip the script and change the schedule, you'd still think that it Happened how it should've, keep it subtle, bunch of geniuses Put they heads together, try to huddle up, but still they sit Confused about how I learned to juggle (ayy) Toss around some concepts 'til I pick one Usually, I don't alter my traditions Foreign to me, hit 'em with the switch up I just had to get this out my system Been a handful, even with a mouth full of hand soap I still say what I want to Getting past? No Better chance beatin' Usain Bolt in my sandals To be candid, that's like puttin' minivans in NASCAR With a grandma in the driver seat with her hands up Show goes on even after the show's over To get past me, you would have to kill me (kill me, kill me, kill me) Ayy (kill me, kill me, kill me) Tossin' what you want aside for longevity, ain't meant to be If it causes everything to collapse and affects your heart heavily What's worth it and what's not? What's certain and which side would the coin flip to and land on? When you guess wrong, do you stand up or stand down? Even with a man down, I man up Well-rounded, held out for the right outlet Nine houses couldn't make me feel home, childish Me left see the outcome every ounce of my childhood Played a role in how I wound up with an outlook so crowded No knowledge, couldn't see through the piles of my problems Still piled up, past tense, man, I wish it was, but I've come So far so quickly In it for the long haul, it's routine Only thing I'm cool with losing is losing sleep And it's only cool with me If it means I get to watch my dreams Come true if I kept it brief Still you think it was a long story Recording half of the things I think would Take six years, prepare, 'cause the chance that you asked for Might show up at your door one night like, "I'm here" Gonna let me in or just stare? It's clear, yeah, six ain't enough That wouldn't come close to the content between my ears My layers have got layers My layers have got layers