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  • You can stop me lovin my self Bts
    You can stop me lovin my self Bts

    I miss my old friends 😔

  • Masin Clancy
    Masin Clancy

    A couple days ago I drove passed my elementary school and it just felt weird because I used to go there running around as a kid with my friends but now I'm driving by, almost done with school. Really got me thinking how old I'm getting and I got a little emotional thinking about how I can never go back to that. The feeling of being a kid and be happy with no care or responsibility is such a privilege that we don't know until we grow up a realized how much we should've charrished those moments.

  • Abdullah Aziz
    Abdullah Aziz

    2:00 😩😩

  • Nikol Mits
    Nikol Mits

    i shouldnt be relating so hard to this song at this age..

  • David Schaum
    David Schaum

    I miss the days I was oblivious to how screwed up this world is

  • Edward Sawyer
    Edward Sawyer

    He helps me us with the baloons

  • Mark Lapham
    Mark Lapham

    Cheers 🍺🍺

  • Mickey Bliss
    Mickey Bliss

    I cry everytime I listen to this alone. Makes me remember my childhood... he says it all.. and he tells you, " Its okay, let go, just let it can grow now " ....NF real music.

  • R.I RedNeck
    R.I RedNeck

    This song made me break TF down

  • Ash

    Good music my dog falls asleep to smooth jazz and this lol

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    "i'm blessed but i'm cursed too" that line hit different

  • LittleKidHBK

    I'm 15 but was always the person everyone could rely on. Whether it was for their Therapy, teachers when they needed help, or family who didnt really need to help me, I usually carried it all. Every time I failed, I always disappointed someone because of this responsibility I hold every day. Only person I could talk to was God because he always listens but even then I felt too ashamed to. I dont want family to worry about me so can't tell them, friends are usually only there for a free Therapy Session (haha get it). Music is my one escape, so I'm thankful to God for the concept of music, Whether it's NF, Lofi, Christian music, etc., It's truly an escape.

  • Dylanable

    I remember going to bed and waking up different, like what was I waking up to? There's nothing there for me to wake up to, I pondered that thought for a month. Then realized that every single little thing I did was something worth living for. Every little conversation and every little favor. I never think about suicide because it'll pain others instead of relieving mine. Hopefully someone listens and feels the same.

  • Mariah Orellana
    Mariah Orellana

    9 years.. and counting but I’m changing it this awful tormented emotion slowly.

  • G S
    G S

    It's scary how much this song is my life.

  • Lauren Jennings
    Lauren Jennings

    Nate - you write lyrics from my bleeding soul. Thank you for sharing your pain. Your honesty saves me over & over. The LORD made you for this! 🙏

  • Carl

    Yeah me too♥️

  • James Ketchum
    James Ketchum

    i grew up in the 90's so every time i think back my memories remind me of a simpler time

  • Dj Grilo
    Dj Grilo

    When you feel every word he sings , from the start to the end , and months and years pass , and you keep coming here to hear this song and realise that your life is still the same or even worse than it was before ... I feel scared from myself sometimes .

  • Adam Dyer
    Adam Dyer

    This song is my actual soul right now.

  • Yvette Stevens
    Yvette Stevens

    So good! Even songs that aren’t as popular.

  • Sophia Devine
    Sophia Devine

    Okay, I've been listening to nf since I was 9. When I was sad, or going through something, my first instinct when I'm on youtube is to type "NF" this man is so amazing. He has honestly helped me throughout about everything, and he doesn't know who I am, or my story, but I just know that he has helped. And he has helped millions of other people to, with just music, that's it, I think it's so crazy. So, id just like to take a moment to say, thank you Nate, thank you for helping me, yourself, and MILLIONS of others. Thank you. You are REAL Nate.

  • Cynthia Crystal LadyLove-Xo
    Cynthia Crystal LadyLove-Xo

    Story of my life! Like if you can relate😕

  • Super Dog
    Super Dog

    As a young professional that longs to return to his childhood - back when life was simple and I was happy, carefree, and shielded from all of the world's problems... this song really cuts deep.

  • Obdulia Wences
    Obdulia Wences

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  • I like Jeffy from sml
    I like Jeffy from sml

    Wy do people pay for therapy instead of just listining to nf

  • EclipseStorm

    does anyone know the signer at the end of the song? my only guess ins Andreas Moss form Lost In The Moment.


    Take me back to when I was happy but I wasn’t acting” damn!!

  • I like Jeffy from sml
    I like Jeffy from sml

    I wish I had a time machine to tell they kid that he's going to find out he has ADHD and autism and his parents are going to get a divorce and that he's going to think he beat depretion but it will come back and make him suicidal and self harm 🥺😖😢😭

  • Gacha_Alien

    this song hits really hard... it makes me feel like im not alone here... i love listening to this song, its so relatable, thank you.

    • Gacha_Alien

      @Super Dog I'm so sorry... I'm glad that you found something that makes you feel better...

    • Super Dog
      Super Dog

      I'm a young professional that wants nothing more than return to the simple, carefree of my childhood. Just happened to stumble across this song for the first time and boy, do the lyrics cut deep.

  • Lone Wolf Nergigante
    Lone Wolf Nergigante

    I'm gonna play this song when I graduate from high school.

    • Brenda Martinez
      Brenda Martinez

      that's a good idea, ima do the same

  • Christopher Aina
    Christopher Aina


  • Purge


    • Nikki


  • Kaylee Bohlken
    Kaylee Bohlken

    “I miss the memories of feeling loved”

  • NøBødy

    "It's really sad when everything you thought was stable crashes"

  • Mike Crowe
    Mike Crowe

    NF is unbelievable.

  • Adam Kearney
    Adam Kearney

    Whew needs therepy?? I've got this.

  • Brin Bran
    Brin Bran

    I listened to this song for probably the 50th time and it just really hit me hard this time... I turn 18 tomorrow. I’m an adult tomorrow. I miss being a kid

    • Super Dog
      Super Dog

      I'm in my 20s, done with college, working full time now and living on my own, and I just want to be a kid again as well.

  • Emily Davis
    Emily Davis

    Changing the world one song at a time. I love the artists that make real music. Using music for building bridges so we can understand each other, now that’s as real as it gets.

  • KnIghT

    To nf, I understand the feeling of wanting to go back into the past. But for me the past wasn't always so simple. When I was younger my parents struggled with money and they were working their butts off and overdrawing on my moms college loan just to put food on the table. My brother also had a medical condition that nearly killed him before the age of 1. I have made a lot of mistakes recently and every single time that I made one I always thought about the past and if maybe things would have been better for my parents if I wasn't born. Both my recent past and my long ago past have caught up to me and I nearly killed myself it wasn't for this song. This song reminds me that I owe my parents for everything they have done for me.

  • Faith Silva
    Faith Silva

    Thank you NF for your music 🎶 It helps soothe my soul 🙏❤️ You are definitely one ☝️ of my favorite artists 🌹

  • Iron Goleeem
    Iron Goleeem

    Don’t look back at the past, God already let you live that. Now all you need to do is keep your eyes on God and think of the good side of things

  • MB Hollow
    MB Hollow

    I listened to the entire album more than 7 times, and it took me a suggestion to really see how amazing this song was. 😤

  • Tammy

    I get it.. love it....❤️💖💋😜😘

  • Brandie Solomon
    Brandie Solomon

    Going on 40 this year it has caused sever depression looking into the mirror missing see the kid i use to see

  • Night Ninja
    Night Ninja

    I wish I could see my best friend I heard his voice for the first time in 2 years and I just thought about him I know he's gonna forget me but I don't want it to

  • Aspect_ Leviathan
    Aspect_ Leviathan

    I find myself coming back to this song often it honestly explains my emotions in massive ways I do miss the days of being younger and not having to worry about anything not going into sophomore in high school and very anxious my emotions at this point have turned into numbness and I cant explain them it's to the point my own family gets mad at me and I'm helpless so I'm blasting Nf until I feel better

    • Super Dog
      Super Dog

      Know that you're not alone in that feeling. I'm a young professional now in my 20s working full time, and for me, the growing up process was so incremental and gradual (through both high school and college) that I never realized that it was happening until I finished my education, moved out of my parent's place, and started full time work. And then it all hit me at once that I was all grown up and was entering adulthood. Now I look back on all those years and miss my pre-teen childhood the most. Life was so simple back then, and I was so carefree... children shows, video games, holidays, vacations, and family reunions would bring me so much happiness and would almost feel magical. And I was completely shielded from all the stress and anxiety that comes from the responsibilities of being an adult. Sigh I miss being a kid.

  • Ângela Cabral
    Ângela Cabral

    Essa tá perfeita.

  • Justin Bauk
    Justin Bauk

    Want to hear something beautiful and true? When Nate sings "I'll give it all to feel that way again" he doesn't realize that he 100% will through the eyes of his child. Being a father makes all those memories real again

  • Yeep Meep
    Yeep Meep

    quarantine in a nutshell for me

  • Price Tyler
    Price Tyler

    i miss the days when i was doing ok U-U

  • Frank Bud Jordan
    Frank Bud Jordan

    I thank god everyday for NF and eminem because they keep me focused on life...

  • Music Videos
    Music Videos

    This is therapy for me this where I go this is real for me this lyrics is my life 🖤

  • Nathan Billingsley
    Nathan Billingsley

    The macho dinner latterly milk because anger visually blot off a busy address. swift, past skate

  • v10l3nt_l0v3

    i miss the days when i didn't hurt my loved ones

  • Hari Dade
    Hari Dade


  • Vanessa Jackson
    Vanessa Jackson

    I miss the days where I would just wake up And smile happy not sit up and think “another one?” I miss the days where I always believed I held the key To opportunity instead of my insecurities I miss the days where I could look myself right in the eye And think “just give it a try” instead of the words “I wanna die” I miss the days where I was allowed to be a little kid My biggest fear was making a friend not saying “the cat did it” I miss the days where all the memories just seemed to flow Instead of wondering where all the wasted time will go I miss the days where I’d colour on paper with the ink Instead of spending days on end wishing I couldn’t think Sometimes I wonder if all this thinking is just worth the risk Wishing I could stop thinking “When I’m gone will I be missed?” Sometimes I wish I could just take the time let myself breathe Instead of letting all my demons get the best of me I wish I wasn’t broken I wish I was worth the risk Instead of spending trying to mend something I was never taught to fix...

  • Timothy Rusu
    Timothy Rusu

    I really do miss the good old days, when i didn't worry about school, or what people think. When i saw some rock that looked cool and that made my day. now its different covid and all, all the zoom calls that just never end. Who would have thought that we would be here. This song really hits different. God Bless you guys and we will get through this!

    • Brenda Martinez
      Brenda Martinez

      same, i miss the days where I didnt have to worry about how I dress or who I hangout with in order be accepted by people, especially at school. these times are hard, but how you said, we will get through this! God bless you too!

  • Swerving

    im not sad or anything i just like his music lmao

  • Jeffery Adkins
    Jeffery Adkins

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  • Sky Scantlan
    Sky Scantlan

    I miss when I was a kid because it was when I didn’t have to worry about other people, just myself, it allowed my mind to be free and today I’m stuck in the swirling abyss of hating who I am and continuously thinking everybody hates me too. I’m 13 and I want to go back to when I was a small boy to when I wasn’t manipulated and altered to fit in with everybody else and be normal, I’ve never dreamt of being a superhero or being rich, I’ve dreamt about being myself for once and not being criticized by the people around me. I miss being me

  • Hi hi I am A Pie
    Hi hi I am A Pie

    There is always two voices in your head the one that shows you the good memories and the on that tries to suppress them

  • lynn maphosa
    lynn maphosa


  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Don't touch my kids

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Yea well bring bring the storm and bring everything else

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    And it's waiting for a storm to come

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Ur underneath the son

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Ur not happy with urself

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger


  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Trying to make sense of everything it doesn't even make sense so

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Yr talking too much thinking too much

  • Jordanna Wheeler
    Jordanna Wheeler

    'Gimme my mind back, before it was highjacked' never related to something so much 😭😭💔

  • Nathan Billingsley
    Nathan Billingsley

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  • Hmm

    Hands down his best ever song


    Darn the fucking connections to this man's music is warming

  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max

    bro reply please brother

  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max


  • Sahan Max
    Sahan Max

    killing my mind man this i like ❤️

  • Cat Carrion
    Cat Carrion

    I felt this song so deep in my soul

  • Me4u2c23

    Good morning NF. I’m here for my morning therapy session

  • NotKayD :D
    NotKayD :D

    deffo top 3 personal favourites

  • Mimi

    I have been listening to this song for the past year and I just noticed that there is a kid's voice singing along in the background. How am I so dumb.

    • jellybean

      @Mimi Yeah it does:D

    • Mimi

      @jellybean it sounds so cute tho

    • jellybean

      i'm pretty sure it's his voice high-pitched

  • Dennoy Martin
    Dennoy Martin

    I miss the smiles we had when we were kids

  • Đëńg ÿį 7a
    Đëńg ÿį 7a

    I miss the old days. whats the reason of being an teen when you increase stressness, i keep remembering the memories the old days. rn ife is just to hard. i wish i can be inoccent as before. everytime i have afriend (boy) ppl keep shiping us, i dont like it.

  • Isaias Orozco
    Isaias Orozco


  • Isaias Orozco
    Isaias Orozco

    not overthinking my life

  • TheEndless Gaming
    TheEndless Gaming

    7 years and that day still come back to me...

  • Arcane MC
    Arcane MC

    Wow, I can’t believe u scrolled this far into the comments

  • Arcane MC
    Arcane MC

    I am only 12 years of age, already want to go back to when I wasn’t constantly stressed out. I gave in to hating myself and wanting to go back. NF reminds me every day I am special and I can be better if I put my mind to it. YOU CAN TOO

    • Jaceistheplace


  • Lone Wolf Nergigante
    Lone Wolf Nergigante

    Why does this song makes me want to go back my younger days?


    WHO ELSe wants to like this more than one time