Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
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CLOUDS TOUR ticket info:
SEP 22: Maryland Heights, MO -- Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
SEP 23: Noblesville, IN -- Ruoff Music Center
SEP 24: Clarkston, MI -- DTE Energy Music Theatre
SEP 25: Cincinnati, OH -- Riverbend Music Center
SEP 27: Cuyahoga Falls, OH -- Blossom Music Center
SEP 28: Burgettstown, PA -- The Pavilion at Star Lake
SEP 29: Bridgeport, CT -- Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater
OCT 01: Gilford, NH -- Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
OCT 02: Columbia, MD -- Merriweather Post Pavilion
OCT 03: Raleigh, NC -- Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek
OCT 05: Tampa, FL -- MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
OCT 06: Jacksonville, FL -- Daily's Place
OCT 07: Pelham, AL -- Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
OCT 09: Simpsonville, SC -- CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
OCT 10: Charlotte, NC -- PNC Music Pavilion
OCT 12: Brandon, MS -- Brandon Amphitheater
OCT 14: Rogers, AR -- Walmart AMP
OCT 15: Oklahoma City, OK -- Zoo Amphitheatre
OCT 16: Austin, TX -- Germania Insurance Amphitheater
OCT 17: Houston, TX -- Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman

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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein \u0026 Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill \u0026 Nathan Feuerstein

  • Anders Hancock
    Anders Hancock

    NF you’re an inspiration man. I listen to Nate daily

  • Lil Kay
    Lil Kay

    My favourite rapper of all time hands down

  • Prince Steph
    Prince Steph

    I want to buy him a trophy

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  • Balázs Józsa
    Balázs Józsa

    Who got Jesse Pinkman vibes?

  • Wanderlust Introvert
    Wanderlust Introvert

    Wait I didn't know there was a sequel to Jumper (2008)

  • Diana del Rosario Terzić
    Diana del Rosario Terzić

    I can't get tired of this dude's music

  • Deana Bree
    Deana Bree


  • Cory Loznak
    Cory Loznak

    Slowing Nate Down IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

  • NF cover's
    NF cover's

    Cant wait for the tour for this , I'm ready

  • Sudstah Gaming
    Sudstah Gaming

    Nf puts Eminem to shame talents wise

  • Ibrahim Ibrahim
    Ibrahim Ibrahim


  • Derick Carroll
    Derick Carroll

    One of the most badass songs and videos of all time! my mans does it again! NF FOR LIFE!

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B

    Ik Right

  • Banana Bananosa
    Banana Bananosa

    però dato che eminem mi sta sul cazzo ti stimo bro

  • Banana Bananosa
    Banana Bananosa

    eminem fake

    • Nikki

      This is NFs page. How about we just enjoy NF without eminem being mentioned

  • John 316
    John 316

    Stick with talking about Jesus Christ God @NF #NF PLEASE

  • Ronda Gwen
    Ronda Gwen

    I love this song!

  • Mel

    My respect for u is on another level

  • Mel

    Best song of the year

  • anibal cimmerian
    anibal cimmerian

    1:57 sounds like Jesse Pinkman


    wisdom teeth ..oh i got ya

  • Taco ninja 214365
    Taco ninja 214365

    Song writers : say every word in the dictionary NF: sure

  • ex0-tekk

    "who are you kiddin, how could you doubt me i've always delivered, rippin tha teeth outta the back of my mouth's the closest you get to my wisdom" ... 🔥

  • God

    Now this is what I'm talking about.

  • Filipul

    Calmly, feel myself evolving Appalling, so much I'm not divulging Been stalling, I think I hear applauding, they're calling Mixtapes aren't my thing, but it's been awfully exhausting Hanging on to songs this long is daunting (Yeah) Which caused me to have to make a call I thought was ballsy Resulting in what you see today, proceed indulging As always, the one-trick pony's here, so quit your sulking [Verse 2] Born efficient, got ambition, sorta vicious, yup, that's me (Woo) Not artistic, unrealistic, chauvinistic, not those things Go the distance, so prolific, posts are cryptic, move swiftly Unsubmissive, the king of mischief, the golden ticket, rare sight to see I stay committed, embrace the rigid I'm playful with it, yeah, basically Too great to mimic, you hate, you're bitter No favoritism, that's fine with me Create the riddles, portrayed uncivil Unsafe a little, oh, yes, indeed It's plain and simple, I'm far from brittle Unbreakable, you following? I'm Bruce Willis in a train wreck I'm like tradin' in your car for a new jet I'm like havin' a boss getting upset 'Cause you asked him for less on your paycheck I'm like doin' headstands with a broke neck I'm like watchin' your kid take his first steps I'm like sayin' Bill Gates couldn't pay rent 'Cause he's too broke,- where am I goin' with this? [Verse 3] Unbelievable, yes, yes, inconceivable See myself as fairly reasonable But at times I can be stubborn, so If I have to, I will rock the boat I don't tend to take the easy road That's just not the way I like to roll What you think's probably unfeasible I've done already a hundredfold A hundredfold, it's probable That I might press the envelope Ideas so astronomical Sometimes I find 'em comical Yeah, incomparable Replay value phenomenal Beat selection remarkable Slowing me down, impossible [Verse 4] I don't rock no Rollies I don't hang around no phonies (Nope) I don't really got no trophies I don't know why God chose me (I don't know) Got somethin' in the cup, ain't codeine (Never) Change my style, they told me Now they come around like, "Homie" Man, y'all better back up slowly, back up slowly (Woo!) [Verse 5] Who are you kiddin'? How could you doubt me? I've always delivered Rippin' the teeth out of the back of my mouth's The closest you get to my wisdom See, my initial thought was to wait But what can I say? I had to come visit Check on you guys, you doin' alright? Your year really sucked? Yeah, that's what I figured They cover they heads up whenever I drop Shake the whole industry, put 'em in shock Come out the clouds like a meteor rock Then land on the earth like, "Ready or not?" Ain't no one like me, the cream of the crop Don't even front better, give me some props I pick up your body and throw it a block Okay, I admit it, that's over the top-not! [Verse 6] Deer in the headlights looks every time I step my foot On the ground, I get mistook For a lame with no weight to his name Ground just shook Let's not beat around the bush Even my B-sides throw 'em off like, "How's he do it?" Some say I'm a great influence I don't know about that, but I did do the best I could

  • LDR MLN Gaming
    LDR MLN Gaming


  • Sevan 405
    Sevan 405

    He'll always be the best

  • phamvangam nguyenganga
    phamvangam nguyenganga

    The faded seaplane microcephaly warn because fireplace pathologically hunt behind a jolly cherry. tan, ruthless august

  • vibe boa
    vibe boa


  • Gini

    Madden 22 👀

  • Feak Off
    Feak Off

    c'est du génie 21/06/2021 ~ 00h12

  • Tha Duchess 👑
    Tha Duchess 👑

    Slaps speaking truth

  • celloc

    ayo turn that shit up charles

  • J money x
    J money x

    NF= clean version of Eminem 🔥

  • Raven marie harniman
    Raven marie harniman


  • ex0-tekk

    Other rappers spit poison with fame and loot 🌟💎 Nate spits the serum with shopping carts and balloons 🛒🎈

  • bruce woods
    bruce woods


  • Fabjan allkja
    Fabjan allkja


  • King Termin8ter
    King Termin8ter

    He’s like a young Eminem

  • Dustin Machurick
    Dustin Machurick

    Nf=TellaPort Me No I Would Never=Fans Of Nf=Whoa What Just Happened=Nf Again=Do You Really Wanna Know=My Reaction=Telaportation Never Looked This Cool Until Now That Is. #NfIsStillaGenius

  • Beast Gordon
    Beast Gordon


  • Bill White
    Bill White

    His head is above all rappers! That's sicc

  • Chad Ryckman
    Chad Ryckman

    They know where my head is resting peacefully with my family so when I go over the top they know it's not a film but I'll bring them the stars.

  • Adeline Kiptoo
    Adeline Kiptoo

    The song makes me wanna fight😈

    • Adeline Kiptoo
      Adeline Kiptoo

      @Says hi!あきら ah with this song 😼I don't think so

    • Says hi!あきら
      Says hi!あきら

      U would lose

  • I'mVxxD

    This is really good, and NF carried an amazing 3-5(maybe even 6 at some points) syllable rhymescheme throughout the track, damn and that too without cursing. Man's really a legend

  • kimchifriedrice

    Here me out... NF × Agust D , it'd be insaneee oml

  • rawan reda
    rawan reda

    i swear his videos gives me goosebumps, i just found him yesterday and i can't stop listening to his rap, i cried and i got chills from his lyrics so many times just from yesterday. he's something else i'm not really a fan of rap music but after listening to him i'm a fan now

  • Ryan Mckenna
    Ryan Mckenna

    Circle raps. U have fans drop names. The truth will set u free. Get em nate.

  • Edison s
    Edison s

    ИF. This time NF went into cloud for us

  • Sanskar Jagtap
    Sanskar Jagtap

    It's all fun and games till silent kid starts rapping 🤣

  • CallMeAce

    Nothing else but truth in all his lyrics!!! 2:10 Is one of the most realistic things. When someone needs you you're "THE HOMIEEE". :|


    Real life lag

  • Jacob Block
    Jacob Block


  • Endspinner

    WWE 2K22

  • Polly Otero
    Polly Otero

    The 11k that disliked are either haters or are jealous

  • Кирилл Рыжевол
    Кирилл Рыжевол

    The encouraging pickle reportedly bang because millisecond daily radiate modulo a childlike library. tacit, garrulous farm

  • Lily Mininger
    Lily Mininger

    NF I highly doubt Your reading this but, what do you do when your having an anxiety attack and God's not answering you..

  • JamesXSummers

    How he opens doors and lands in deferent places reminds me of Locke and key

  • JamesXSummers

    Ngl this sounds like me lmbo 🤣😂😂😂

  • Overthrow Gaming
    Overthrow Gaming

    He looks like a Psycho path not one can believe that he is the singer great rapper 💓

  • Crash Canary
    Crash Canary

    Embarrassing but I’ve just recently discovered NF and damn have I been missing out are what!! Dude is on a whole diff level!

  • Sol Angela♡
    Sol Angela♡


  • Levi Smith
    Levi Smith

    lets see how many people are listening to this master piece in 2021 ?

  • ex0-tekk

    Nate 0% Filler 100% Real 🛒🛒🛒🛒

  • Legacy 19
    Legacy 19

    I tried to rap this and messed up on the part when he said "to great to mimic" The man called it.

  • Chris Dunavan
    Chris Dunavan

    So lonely an boring here in Cambria Illinois.. But my gamer tag Is Redged.. I'm kind of like you at the end when your dodging cars...

  • Joshua E. M. Massop
    Joshua E. M. Massop

    He listen to alot of Eminem

  • landon dehart
    landon dehart

    I love your music!!! If you pin this comment, it would make me feel amazing! I love your music

  • Mohammad PRO607
    Mohammad PRO607

    NF raps more words that rhyme than Eminem in his entire life

    • I'mVxxD

      Ok that's a good joke Edit: well eminem can bend syllables and make words that don't rhyme,rhyme. That's some talent

  • Grammar Off Her Rocker Reactions
    Grammar Off Her Rocker Reactions

    Bars Bars Bars! Wow You are a True Poet & So Talented and im Glad I been paying attention to your Music..Thats the way I Roll Too..I can write 500 Bars in a few hours & not one cuss Word! Thats Me! Im also be Stubborn at times so If I have 2 I will Rock the Boat! I Get It But im only Stubborn If I need to be..Im very humble but if I cant hear you speak Ya Words are Trash I dont Need or Care to listen to. Im very Picky i would Trade a Broken Sony for my Broken Homie to Lend her an ear Full off Clearance Rack at the Dollar Store Buds! Simple & Plain, keep em if they Good but you can trash em and buy a Thousand More if you need to Right? I Like Samples! Damn Who needs a whole Wad of Cash for the Gate Keeper..i could hear him sayin.. sorry Sir But You got lost & must have got out of line.oh you shouldve been open to listen more..Dude you thought you heard stayin inline meant we Skate up here..But No! No Cash App here ..move along NEXT! To be Real I Too Dont know why God Chose me...Im a little late but im hear now and thats all for now....😂😂😂🙏🙏💔💔💯💯

  • Victoria Greentaner
    Victoria Greentaner

    Already obsessed with the songs for like 2 weeks but this video gave me goosebumps. Forever love NF.

  • Shane Passehl
    Shane Passehl

    nf if u die can i use your logo? ): (: pls!

  • Grammar Off Her Rocker Reactions
    Grammar Off Her Rocker Reactions

    I dont Break I Break the Fall..yup im Following . God got my Back thats why Im Back to see & Clear up any Bars I wood have missed. Now I know why Jesus was a Carpenter! hes Tough as Nails my Guy. Sense of Humor think Good Before you crack a Smile. He.ll Make you Pay Attention! I promise dont miss the Ball! 😂😂 💯🔥🙏🙏💃💃

  • Keany Geerts
    Keany Geerts

    how many transitions do you want? NF: yes

  • Darren DK
    Darren DK

    I spend 30mins asking myself what to type to describe this song🙃

  • Adrian Gumbo
    Adrian Gumbo

    This is toooo good

  • Rayna Mukandila
    Rayna Mukandila

    Je sais que tu chante trop bien mais calme-toi au lieu de crier là

  • Dragon Ball Z Went UI
    Dragon Ball Z Went UI

    this song was premiered on my birthday

  • Baraka Afrobama
    Baraka Afrobama

    Literally anyone raps and Eminem calls them his clone lmfao 😂

  • Prince Off Duty
    Prince Off Duty

    This is so good my phone headphones and charger are on fire 🔥

  • Adrian Dañucop
    Adrian Dañucop

    Everyone gangsta till he said "its chilly in the clouds, i dont want to record there again"

  • lokiTheGamer

    i love NF his music is amzing idk whats with the dislikes. i guess somepeople cant relate hes a genuis for real 💕💕💕🔥🔥💕💕💕

  • Matias Martinez
    Matias Martinez

    2:17 en 0:75 🥶

  • Sheryl Evans
    Sheryl Evans

    I wish people would listen to this rapping and not the other rapping 😒🙄😪😕😩😑

  • jerry rigger
    jerry rigger

    this sounds like hip hop harry

  • Sandra Barksdale
    Sandra Barksdale


  • Quynh Nguyen
    Quynh Nguyen

    If *Eminem* ever have a *child* , it can only be *this dude* , literally my little bro asked me if this was an old MV of Eminem (×-×)

  • Stephanie Neal
    Stephanie Neal

    NF is honestly STILL so underrated but he's the freaking best....

  • Crecelia

    finally memorized all the lyrics to this song x

  • Jesse Langeland
    Jesse Langeland

    They got rid of the lyrics

  • Alvaro Macedo
    Alvaro Macedo

    Nf Cluds Remix?

  • Cookie

    Better than eminem

  • Roleth

    is this guy trying to be the new eminem or sum

    • Nikki

      @Roleth its all good

    • Roleth

      @Nikki giving me eminem vibes

    • Nikki

      No not at all.


    pic up your body ww

  • Flamecores

    Those transitions are so smooth

  • Med _41
    Med _41

    Congrats your song is in WWE2K 22

  • Pramoodhi Kaushalya
    Pramoodhi Kaushalya

    Did it hurt when he fell on the shelf on the store

  • marwan saad
    marwan saad

    Oh Man this song just Ended the world ! I’m possessed and obsessed with your Talent the most powerful RAP i have ever hear and see God answers my prayer for having a Real rapper and lyrical 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️♥️♥️♥️