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Official video for “Trauma” by NF.
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  • Archons

    it’s been a few rough couple of years

  • David Schaum
    David Schaum

    NF's songs use to be the most consistent things in my life more than my family my house my mental health my friends and even now after years later after going through most of my childhood in foster care I still feel empty. and NF's song has helped me so thank you NF

  • El - U - AY
    El - U - AY


  • Buddha UnderDog
    Buddha UnderDog

    Hauntingly bittersweet masterpieces.

  • Immanuel Mbango
    Immanuel Mbango

    Fun fact: when NF was younger he used to be in a choir and he was and is a still very talented singer

  • Marcalvin Norman
    Marcalvin Norman

    Why can’t I find tone deaf by NF


    Oui l

  • Adryane Gonçalves
    Adryane Gonçalves

    Eu me identifico tanto com suas músicas,e isso nn é nada bom

  • Alexie Mac Dougall élève
    Alexie Mac Dougall élève

    His lyrics always hit the heart...

  • Gretchen Veldkamp
    Gretchen Veldkamp

    Nate helped save my life. Thank you, the debt is not able to be repaid.

  • Panḭq

    this just hits different. Sorry to all us kids who weren't loved like we should have been. : /

  • I like Jeffy from sml
    I like Jeffy from sml

    I'm 10 and my entire life my dad hasn't showed any sign of love to me or my sister or mum he is a shaming lazy mean man that's also racist and doesn't except gay people and physically hurt my sister once 🥺😖😢😭

    • Nikki

      Sorry 🙏

  • Dakota Tyson
    Dakota Tyson

    Some of y’all problems are problems I wish I have. Some stuff y’all got going on ain’t even that bad. Crazy mane. A lot of people got more going on than running to the net cause their rich parents can’t love them

  • Cleanly Bus
    Cleanly Bus

    He really do be there when you really need it

  • Froggy

    Wow this is my favorite song

  • ChaX

    Your music is the reason that I'm still alive because I hate myself.

  • K !
    K !

    nates music reminds me so fucking much of ash lynx and it hurts

  • Lauren Eddlemon
    Lauren Eddlemon

    I feel like my soul is there watching me and unseen to me while I die inside bc I can't what the universe has hidden in front of my face side by side but two worlds and times apart

  • Rat Culture
    Rat Culture

    Me: just scrolling through Amazon chilling to nf FIshows: here have this bts add promoting McDonald’s

    • zag nadja
      zag nadja

      @Rat Culture 😄

    • Rat Culture
      Rat Culture

      @Amber Trombly i dont get whats so great about them but i dont really listen to them. Nf is way better and he has a song for almost every mood

    • Amber Trombly
      Amber Trombly

      I don't even like bts...... nf is way better and I just started listening to him a couple weeks ago

  • Emma Cullens
    Emma Cullens

    This song really gets me in my feels bc this is what is happening to me. Lol

  • Beth Dodman
    Beth Dodman

    NF saved my life.. I was sat on the bench in the park during lockdown it was all getting hard I knew there was a bridge less than 5 minutes away I could end all the pain but instead I put my headphones in and walked around the park listening to him... after my 2nd and 3rd attempt I listened to him, he stopped my 4th attempt... he's saved my life, I listened to him while cutting and ended up stopping.

  • Вадим Кузнецов
    Вадим Кузнецов


  • Eric

    "I wish you'd just love me back"

  • Genesis Gonzalez
    Genesis Gonzalez

    Who else wishes Nathan happiness and joy in his life? He has helped so many people he deserved so much in his life :)

  • Greenfeld

    W O W .

  • Alyssa _the_cosplayer
    Alyssa _the_cosplayer

    I'm crying listening to this my boyfriend just broke up with me the day before our 8 months anniversary

  • Mila Lak
    Mila Lak

    So sad 😥

  • Amber Coxhill
    Amber Coxhill

    Wow ❤️

  • diandralorena

    Im glad i found you Nf.. Honestly your song made me cry a bit. Im happy im not the only one who feels like this

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger


  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Do something about it right now

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Lol don't rush me

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger

    Ok today later

  • Nadine Bolger
    Nadine Bolger


  • aero9111

    There is no real point to this comment other then just another sad dude doing whatever he can to keep his mouth shut it real life. I miss you. It is so hard watching you build a life with him. Its so hard to sit next to you everyday and not want to be all over you. Not fighting for you back goes against everything I ever was adamant about , but if this gets you a home , if this gets you that smile, then I guess its up to God now, eh? I wish I was able to be what you wanted. I am still not sure what it was that made you leave, after 3 years I guess I'm just better as a friend. Not sure why now, you see my empty eyes, my empty breath. Its taking everything out of me, but you are my sunrise and always will be, you still get me out of bed every morning somehow, thank you for being here at my worst. I dont just appreciate you. I love you to death, I just wish you'd love me back

  • Kim Langston
    Kim Langston

    I’m NF #1 fan.. no no don’t argue it’s definitely me☺️ this is my favorite

  • doodlebug

    This is one of those songs that you turn all the way up, close your eyes, and just feel.

  • DeadFace Music
    DeadFace Music

    The worst part is when your broken and your struggling to live but everyone in your family and life thinks your overreacting. 😔

  • samh hacker
    samh hacker

    not even the church can relate me so much when i just want to die

  • Daniela Mendes
    Daniela Mendes

    My chest hurts

  • lacky c
    lacky c

    Is this about God or his parents?

  • Roos Pronk
    Roos Pronk

    I noted down words in the song that were relatable for me and with that I made a poem. Enjoy... I feel helpless Don’t want you to help me It’s my fault When you said “You’re selfish” It broke my heart I don’t want your joy Because I reject it For everyone’s protection I feel like drowning I wanna hear silence But the monsters in my head Don’t allow me… I have lots of trauma’s Like I got an addiction But they don’t love me back Your words are like rain I can’t feel the peace of it “You steal my heart.” I left me speechless All I feel is weakness I lied and so did you All I ask is freedom

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith

    I just shed a tear

    • Lucas Smith
      Lucas Smith

      No joke

  • Hannah Corfield
    Hannah Corfield

    I love all your songs, your songs speak to my soul ❤️😭

  • Ducky

    Rewatching this crying not bc I want to be sad but bc it’s like he can read my mind it’s great to have someone that understands and can speak the words that are to hard for you to speak

  • Shalysta

    At one moment u are doing great then all of a sudden the pain comes rolling back and u spill it to random people

  • Joker3321


  • Abrilmx Ranita
    Abrilmx Ranita

    Still don't get why I cry so much over this song.

    • Amber Trombly
      Amber Trombly

      It's because it's the truth...

  • Silent Panda
    Silent Panda

    You know its sad when you listen to this type of music when no one around you cares or even check to see how your doing

  • Keith Preston
    Keith Preston

    When you find out the truth it's harder to forgive your self but she lives happily enjoying the company she rejected me I'm hurt

  • HerrTyp

    "Trade my joy for my protection" I felt that...

  • Panda-chan

    Grab my hand I'm drowning why haven't you found me yet? Oh God I relate to this one


    I cry tears after 1 minute while listening to this song for the first time without understanding the lyrics. I never write comments, but I'm very sad about a girlfriend right now and his calm soulful voice touched me because I've only heard him rap so far. PEACE

    • Nikki

      His if you want love song is him singing only as well. Man that one had caused me to shed tears too.

  • Øp BøŢ
    Øp BøŢ

    My emotion once the music started 😁😃😀🙂🤨😐😶😯😦😕🙁☹️😟🥺😔😣😞😥😢😓😩😫😭🤧🥺

  • Lone Wolf Nergigante
    Lone Wolf Nergigante

    "Ask for help, you call it weakness." Why is this so true?

  • Giovanna

    Why are fans of depressing artists so entitled lmao just enjoy the song like normal people please


    NF hasn't made one bad song. Everything he releases is just so damn relatable, and hard hitting.

  • Carrie Meyer
    Carrie Meyer

    I need GnuS Cello to cover this with piano accompaniment. 🥺😩

  • Aran

    Whoever is reading this, and you’re in pain. Just stop rq and please give me a a minute or two to tell you sum. Listen bby, I know you’re hurting, and that is perfectly okay. The amount of people that are here in these comments, watching this video probably at the same time as you, and the ones who watch before, and after you, may feel the same way as you :) You are never alone. I know how you’re feeling, but at the same time, maybe I don’t. People have there own type of pain and it’s okay to go through it, If you wanna kill your self, and you wanna end it all thinking that it’ll end your pain. It may end your pain, but that pain passes on to the ones who truly love and care for you, such as family, friends, maybe even pets, and so much more. You have sooo many things in life to accomplish, and goals to reach. Reach those goals, and once you do, make new ones and make everlasting memories with those you love. Make the impossible, possible. You don’t wanna end it all, you want the pain to go away and be happy just like others in this world. You mean the world to everyone and I am one of those people that care for you. I love you so much and if I had to chance to give you the biggest hug, I would hug you until you I could feel your sadness and sorrows went away:). You’re beautiful/handsome, amazing, talented, smart, and you deserve the entire world. You’ve been holding on for so long and I am so proud of you for keep going. You’re so strong in, and out. Make sure you eat 3 meals a day, okay? I want you to wake up every morning, thinking about how god gave you this gift to be alive, and to know that you’re alive for a reason. There’s so many purposes towards your life and I know god has an amazing plan for your future

  • Hi hi I am A Pie
    Hi hi I am A Pie

    The comment section is the only place I can admit I am not ok

  • Nathaniel Moore
    Nathaniel Moore

    I once was depressed or just really sad I was young and I show my mom something she was busy at the time so when I showed her my art that I made it seem like she didn’t care then 2 of my family member left or move out and I really got depressed I stop everything and I hide my feelings because I felt like if I be good then good things will happen. When I found NF I was so happy to hear someone go through things like I do and it made me happy. Then I got into a fight and I couldn’t stop crying. And I can’t tell you how happy I was to tell my sister about everything and I feel much better

  • SHaylee Skinner
    SHaylee Skinner


  • Chris C.
    Chris C.

    Anyone got a tissue?

  • You Are Amazing!
    You Are Amazing!

    the lyrics is too generalize. or maybe i didn't understand after all. i'm sorry. well.. nice melody tho. i like it! :)

  • Undecided

    This music composition is everything. Love this song and the lyrics hit close to home. There are parts where the violin/cello sounds like heavy breathing and you can feel the weight of the words in tune with the melody. Perfect song for reflecting life in general

  • Kenloy Smith
    Kenloy Smith

    *hands balloon* You may sit here.


    who else listen to this when you go to sleep

  • xslowed

    damn.. NF truly is incredible.. his music helped me through so much..thank you.

  • AliveforKpop AndTheUntamedonNetflix
    AliveforKpop AndTheUntamedonNetflix

    This is literally me. I can connect so much with his music.

  • Brianna Eastman
    Brianna Eastman

    guys, he made it !!!🥺

  • PutZ Channel
    PutZ Channel

    This is how Nate shows his sympathy to the sad people.

  • Frank B
    Frank B

    At some point we have to believe NF is God send

  • 彡尺丨匚卄丨彡


  • Erin Pascarella
    Erin Pascarella

    💕❤️💗💘love, love, love

  • Liliy🏳️‍🌈

    Nf: i wish you loved me back Me: yeah grandma why couldn't you just love me your gone I'm left with trauma and. Pain

  • Ashley Arnold presents music's
    Ashley Arnold presents music's

    So beautiful 😌🎶🎶🎶🎹👏👏❤❤

  • kelli graham
    kelli graham

    My family is falling apart so I listen to NF everyday I go to school and I listen to it and it just feels peaceful

  • Slaughter Sarah
    Slaughter Sarah

    I used to dedicate this song to myself but this literally could be dedicated to the U.S. government. Think about it...

  • Elizabeth Field
    Elizabeth Field

    Whenever I feel like something isn't right, even when it is, I put on NF and it somehow helps. Thank you so much NF

  • Jamiey kiwi
    Jamiey kiwi

    F##k wow my life in a song still feels like I'm drowning

  • Jacob Eddens
    Jacob Eddens

    POV: u don't have your screen on full screen and your just scrolling through the comments and laying in your bed

  • Max Lewis
    Max Lewis

    Way to speak for us all 🙏🏻

  • Laura Kham Cummings
    Laura Kham Cummings

    Being me trying to be someone else!?

  • amelie maddox
    amelie maddox

    You know somethings wrong when you can't cry anymore

  • Aisha Green
    Aisha Green

    Grab my hand, I’m drowning....🥀🖤

  • Sean Germon
    Sean Germon

    All I have to say is your realest songs hit to hard bro, way to hard, I swear you study hypnosis owat,

  • peter thegmtb
    peter thegmtb

    humblingly profound. 🖤

  • Your chic Siqini
    Your chic Siqini

    So relatable 🙂

  • thechelseachannel

    I’m so glad I discovered this song, it is simply a masterpiece. This song reminds of everything I went thru as kid and a teenager. I’ve had a really rough childhood and struggling during my school years (once I went into 8th grade up to all my high school years) and sometimes I look back and feel sympathy for my past self. The obviously had good times as well, but what I’m going to talk about are the bad times. I lived with my mom and my grandma my entire life, as my well as my autistic cousin. My dad always had his own place and would travel to NYC most of the time. As a kid, I got hit and beaten up a lot. If I did something my mom didn’t’ like or approve of, she would hit me with either a spatula or belt. She wouldn’t stop unless my grandma came in. I would cry and eventually became terrified of her. She has pinned me against the wall and choked me, throw herself on top of me, basically do anything to physically hurt me. She would always tell me she’d want to kill me and hurt me when I did something wrong, even by accident. Whenever I tell her about the things she used to do, she claims she never did it. She disagrees that she ever abused me. This was hard to go through and caused me to have mental issues growing up. I developed severe anxiety, depression, self harm, OCD, paranoia, all of it. I struggled with my self esteem and felt very unloved most of my life. My dad wasn’t physically abusive, but definitely was verbally. He would say he never wanted a fat daughter, even when I was barely fat. I just wasn’t super skinny like how he liked girls to be. He would always tell me anyone that’s fat is ugly and unworthy. He also would make fun of me for my mental issues and would never let me do what I wanted. Even when I become older, he said he knew best and I had to listen to him always, even when what he said was wrong. Growing up I also lost a lot of friends. Most of them were toxic and left me when I thought they never would. One made rumors about me that were never true saying I was mean and a bully. I never would want to hurt anyone, and was super shy and nice. Even today, I only have one girl friend a few guy friends. I don’t even know if I trust my girl friend since when we got in an argument she said she wished she never helped me when I was depressed. Like who says that? I got admitted to four winds last year in the summer of COVID. COVID made my anxiety worse and I go diagnosed with bipolar 2. Every night I wanted to commit suicide. I cut my neck with a blade and made a bunch of cuts there. I also went thru a bad breakup in September last year. My ex boyfriend led me on and said he loved me always and so on then told me he didn’t mean it and was playing me. He didn’t want me anymore. I went crazy that night and drove somewhere and felt so worthless. I didn’t want you to be alive. Got admitted to emergency room for self harm. I’m happy to say now I’ve never been more strong and happy. I’m confident and am on the right meds. I give it all the God. If you’re struggling please stay strong and pray. Just know I’m always here for anyone and I’ve been through it too. Love u guys.

  • Eng. Sa Alfatlawi
    Eng. Sa Alfatlawi


  • Bad Times
    Bad Times

    Wish I could rest my head in a pillow and sleep peacefully



    • Praxis Burell
      Praxis Burell

      bruh tf just enjoy the song

  • hello hi
    hello hi


  • Rajismang Hammadtang
    Rajismang Hammadtang


  • Maja xl
    Maja xl

    This is so beautiful and deep

  • shybyle

    i am in a dark place and this is the only thing i can listen to, nobody listens i am broken, i love this song this is the best part of my day as i sit in bed fealing empty

    • Nikki

      I was in your situation a year ago. You can and will get past this! Stay strong! 🙏 prayers

    • shybyle

      @rashrav shrestha thankyou

    • rashrav shrestha
      rashrav shrestha

      You'll get through this dark phase buddy. Remember, its the rainy days that give you love for the sun. There will be brighter days eventually! Carry on!

  • Josiah Taylor
    Josiah Taylor

    Yo I actually cried after hearing this. I fucking love this song. NF is super underrated and needs more recognition. Keep doing your think and geeting that music out that everyone NEEDS to hear.

  • Matthew Hamburger
    Matthew Hamburger

    This song hits so deep. I'm sweating and crying. The is emotional food for healing.

  • I like eating_soap.
    I like eating_soap.

    I always need my bell to stay calm bc I get to happy it gets hard to breathe..

  • tigress 101
    tigress 101

    rapping/singing without curse words is top tier NF???? is top tier