“PAID MY DUES” by NF - the official music video.
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OCT 03: Raleigh, NC -- Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek
OCT 05: Tampa, FL -- MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
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OCT 09: Simpsonville, SC -- CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
OCT 10: Charlotte, NC -- PNC Music Pavilion
OCT 12: Brandon, MS -- Brandon Amphitheater
OCT 14: Rogers, AR -- Walmart AMP
OCT 15: Oklahoma City, OK -- Zoo Amphitheatre
OCT 16: Austin, TX -- Germania Insurance Amphitheater
OCT 17: Houston, TX -- Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman

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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein \u0026 Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill \u0026 Nathan Feuerstein

  • Putri Suhaila
    Putri Suhaila

    This guy is crazy, i mean crazy good!!

  • Jet DEE
    Jet DEE


  • Disha U
    Disha U

    He Is Looking A Little Different here 00:52

  • Abd Elrahman
    Abd Elrahman

    NF: i live your sound 👍🌸

  • gadiator X
    gadiator X

    me trying to breath nf: 2:28 we don't do that here ok

  • 3cmm08

    My life is a journey 😒😎😎

  • random as fuck
    random as fuck

    If NF ever sold his soul he'd be so fire that when he's making a song fire would come out of his mouth instead of words.

  • John Evans
    John Evans

    It’s cool that he was writing lost with a smile 😂

  • ex0-tekk

    Other rappers spit poison with fame and loot 🌟💎 Nate spits the serum with shopping carts and balloons 🛒🎈

  • Ian Coral
    Ian Coral

    Hi nf

  • Dizzy Dwarf
    Dizzy Dwarf

    "They don't listen do they? They don't listen to anything. I'll accept advice if it's not presented ignorantly."

  • Sol Angela♡
    Sol Angela♡

    "La gente dice que está de tu parte pero te abandona en tiempos de necesidad". 🖤☁️

  • ex0-tekk

    Nate 0% Filler 100% Real 🛒🛒🛒🛒

  • O G
    O G

    1,25x 🔥

  • SupremeGoatCheese

    Eminem has a brother

    • SupremeGoatCheese

      @Nikki yeah lol , Im just saying NF is just as good if not better than eminem

    • Nikki

      @SupremeGoatCheese that is understandable. Sometimes i wonder if eminems half brother follows nf on twitter and IG soley because everyone says NF is eminems brother. People literally think it is true even though google clearly shows nathan mathers and his pictures lol

    • SupremeGoatCheese

      @Nikki or I should say a equal

    • Nikki

      Not NF

  • VOID


  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    Am really a fan

  • Nature's Sounds of Relaxation
    Nature's Sounds of Relaxation

    i really old one

  • Nature's Sounds of Relaxation
    Nature's Sounds of Relaxation

    I'm a fan

  • Donald Anderson
    Donald Anderson

    I stayed paid because i keep working -NF

  • francois purifoy
    francois purifoy

    F*cking good

  • Megan

    Everyone: how did he get to top of street light Me: damn!! I can't read subtitles from 1:06 for sometime Also me: I think he used chakra on his feet to go to top of street light

  • Ishano Mounir Santos
    Ishano Mounir Santos


  • Shopping Cart
    Shopping Cart


  • SonnyBOYEEE_Fps

    Me thinking I'm he only person doing this for NF songs scrolls through comments OH RIGHT WELL IM BOT THE ONLY ONE

  • Yagami Light
    Yagami Light

    Just updated my Greatest Rap Artists of All Time list. Added NF successfully.

  • KZ Rain
    KZ Rain

    Perfect 🥰 🤫

  • Gun Song
    Gun Song

    Of the best

  • The Living Miracle
    The Living Miracle

    1:41 NF changes, and this scene is proof 1. The NF on the right is his style before Mansion on the Moments Album 2. The NF on the left in the first locker is his style during the Mansion and Therapy Session Album 3. The NF in the third locker on the left with his fake smile was his style on the Perception Album 4. The NF on the floor also with the fake smile along with his burdens is his style during The Search Album

  • Elijah Freeman
    Elijah Freeman

    You: Payed my dues! Made it through! Wooh! Wooh!Wooh! NF: Payed for my oxygen so I can rap like this, great you'll listen to my songs 'coz they're not explicit.

  • gravity falls
    gravity falls


  • Sahffizal S
    Sahffizal S

    Mom I'm scared

  • Jasper Or
    Jasper Or

    album fire af but mans chose to throw it in the loo

  • Ali Sarı
    Ali Sarı


  • BHL

    2:25 bro get urself down

  • ConsoleFreak

    Has this guy ever released a bad song? Cuz it doesn't seem like it

  • Christopher Sanchez
    Christopher Sanchez

    I just found this guy yesterday and I'm blown away by every single song I keep listening to. It's becoming like a vice I need to inject into my ear now!

  • It's Hamza
    It's Hamza


  • Patrick Fogarty
    Patrick Fogarty

    do you wonder why he was hanging in the beginning of this song

    • Nikki

      He said in when i grow up “they ever push me im going to swing” well he is swinging also tick tick tick or click click click is like a big grandfather clock sound back and forth it goes

  • Fasih Khan
    Fasih Khan

    dope lyrics!

  • Garry Davidson
    Garry Davidson

    Never assume ~ it . makes an ass of u & me 😉 Old school joke, Like your feed Not Fake ~ yeah

  • Small Eli
    Small Eli

    Bro he is almost faster than logic

  • DerHalbeEuro

    This guy sounds like the young Eminem. Style, flow everything stolen from Em' 😕

    • Nikki

      NF is just NF. Nothing like eminem.

  • $yler

    That hat.. Dang nf GIMME THAT HAT

  • Prince Atlas official
    Prince Atlas official

    dax has mentioned you in his song

  • Prince Atlas official
    Prince Atlas official

  • JJ.e06

    Learning I spit it with ease- getting there 👌

  • Lone Wolf Nergigante
    Lone Wolf Nergigante

    Am I the only one who's wondering how heavy the balloon weights are?

  • The murder’s mysterious man
    The murder’s mysterious man

    Everyone: Bruh this is so sick Me: you know he’s talking about life right Everyone: no he’s not

  • William Daniels
    William Daniels

    Damn it, that comment was supposed to go to the song 'change'. Fucking stupid FIshows just pissed me way off. Fuck bro, I was going to(and might still) use FIshows to start putting out my shit once I make something, but now don't want to. FUCK!!

  • hafida haffoud
    hafida haffoud

    1.50× is so good

  • shadowZ Gaming
    shadowZ Gaming


  • Kohnadow42

    Is it just me or does the sound in the back sound like the discord ringtone? 1:49

  • diyar xello
    diyar xello

    I feel sad for those who don't know NF

  • NeedToKnow23

    12k ppl have bad taste

  • Not ziad
    Not ziad

    ارسنيك اجمد يالا 🖤

  • imcool yournot
    imcool yournot

    the thing i like about him that he doesnt curse in his raps and HE IS DA BEST

  • Someguyonthestreet

    As someone who has never heard of NF before, NF feels like that edgy kid who actually knows what depression feels like

  • The Real Aaron Collins
    The Real Aaron Collins

    This is the band ZUMBI's new song "FEAR". A new band of Christian Believers who write about what's going on in the world today from a Christian perspective. Check them out.


    Just putting lyrics here so I can read it while listening: Clicks, clicks, clicks, they'll do anything to get a few Tick, tick, tick, that's the sound before my head explodes Quit, quit, quit, look at you up on your pedestals Quick, quick, quick, here the critics come it's time to go I read your article it kinda hurt me I don't know who hired you or what your friends say in your circle But the fact that you released it, tells me two things are for certain They get paid for trashin' people, I get paid cause I stay workin' Drop the search and they emerge up out of nowhere to the surface Just to peek behind the curtain, throwin' salt at all my burdens I'm aware I shouldn't give this my attention, life's a journey I should just stay on my path and learn to laugh You think they heard me? Ears are burning put 'em out, quiet quiet look around Why don't they find someone way more interesting to write about? Us we're kinda boring, aren't we? All we do is whine and pout It's confusing so amusing how I argue with myself (hello) I spit it with ease, so leave it to me You doubt it but you better believe I'm on a rampage hit 'em with the record release Dependin' the week, I'm prolly gonna have to achieve another goal Let me go when I'm over the beat I go into beast mode like I'm ready to feast I'm fed up with these thieves tryna get me to bleed They wanna see me take an L? (yup, see what I mean) How many records I gotta give you to get with the program? Taken for granted I'm 'bout to give you the whole plan Open your mind up and take a look at the blueprint Debate if you gotta, but gotta hold it with both hands To pick up the bars you gotta be smart You really gotta dig in your heart if you wanna get to the root of an issue Pursuin' the mental can be dark and be difficult But the payoff at the end of it, can help you to get through it, hey Paid my dues, made it through (whoo, whoo, whoo) Spread the news, I'm on the loose (whoo, whoo, whoo) Makin' moves, I need some room (whoo, whoo, whoo) Thought we's cool Well don't assume, don't assume hey! I'm the truth, oh they want some proof Here don't be rude, somethin' new Even when I lose I make it look cool Do the show, then we hit the room Wife is lookin' ooh, what to do? I don't need the shades up to like the view It's time to get back in the swing of things When my life crashes, I'm not the guy that'll flee the scene I'll take ownership and own it and raise my hand if it's me Just remember though, I'm only a man, I'm a human being Don't they see? Shoot the breeze I'd rather just stay discrete People claim they're in your corner but leave you in times of need They don't listen, do they? (what?) They don't listen to anything I'll accept advice if it's not presented ignorantly Look, costs are high they multiply Then cause divides I'm forced to fight The poison I been sippin' on has quite the bite It killed me twice, they rigged the lights So y'all can see the parts of mine that aren't so bright See, often I apologize then authorize the awful times To pop up (Nate) like I'm right behind you I'd advise you not to try to climb inside the mind like I do Keep the rhyme book, expedite it, overnight it Hold it tight an' hope that time is on my side 'Cause if it's not then I'll decide to override my own demise I toe the line too close and I could improvise, I'd empathize But recognize the fact that I could jeopardize and wreck our lives You better give me your attention the undivided Paid my dues, made it through (whoo, whoo, whoo) Spread the news, I'm on the loose (whoo, whoo, whoo) Makin' moves, I need some room (whoo, whoo, whoo) Thought we's cool Well don't assume, don't assume hey! Paid my dues, made it through (whoo, whoo, whoo) Spread the news, I'm on the loose (whoo, whoo, whoo) Makin' moves, I need some room (whoo, whoo, whoo) Thought we's cool Well don't assume, don't assume hey!

  • Brittany Frana
    Brittany Frana

    Reminds me of my family, haha

  • Viken Zadoyan
    Viken Zadoyan

    Eminem: *RAPS FAST* "hah im da quickest" NF: *PAID MY DUES*

  • иight Rōxānne & DemonRose
    иight Rōxānne & DemonRose


  • Centrics

    bedwars is a fcuking pathetic game

  • Dorothy Lester
    Dorothy Lester

    The torpid stop echographically rinse because porter densply long save a hoc dew. pricey, sincere straw

  • bob segien
    bob segien

    Pls nf ur song are fire literally but the conserts are ok considering there not 13+😉😜 like if u want this ppl

  • Brownie

    1:33 bet the directors were laughing

  • RazzRack

    Cowboy's favorite song!

  • Asaman Sharma
    Asaman Sharma

    G O A T ... No Forgery

  • Vincenzo Cassano
    Vincenzo Cassano


  • Nimish Bendre
    Nimish Bendre

    Everyday, well almost nearly.💯

  • sean wise
    sean wise

    Nate, you will probably never read this and hear this all the time. i felt in a depression when i was 15, i started listening to your music when i was 17 (back in 2016). my life has been a rollercoaster. last year i lost my girlfriend,job and only 2 friends in one month. that was the thoughest month of my life. i wanted to end my life, i wanted to just quit. but i pulled thrue and i can say that your music pulled me thrue. i learned that i wasn't alone, that there were people like me, people like you out there. you learned me that whatever you feel you are never alone, whenever you think nobody understands you, you are never alone. So thank you Nate, thank you very much and keep doing what you are doing, this album was great. every new song i am scared that it wouldn't be as good as the previous ones but you always deliver, always. kindest regards, a fan.

  • Ayeurday - TOH
    Ayeurday - TOH

    1:31 sheeeeshh

  • Laugh Day
    Laugh Day

    I'll stay here for a while where there's no swearing, no nude women everywhere for nothing and where there are things I can relate to

  • jen ferguson
    jen ferguson

    Damn that's tight..on my wrk playlist!

  • Minecrafter Snehin
    Minecrafter Snehin


  • Abdallah Mohammed
    Abdallah Mohammed

    Best flow ever whoo!

  • Jay Gaming
    Jay Gaming

    NF should collab with Tom MacDonald or Eminem

  • Antonia Alexis Oshili
    Antonia Alexis Oshili

    1:07 was a mad switch in tempo!

  • Krishan G
    Krishan G

    another add

  • Jeremy Crofutt
    Jeremy Crofutt

    I really hope you attached this song to end of every drop. It's a great well thought out piece of art. God is great. Love you all.

  • Logan Whitehair
    Logan Whitehair

    your underrated

  • Samuel Paul Oparah
    Samuel Paul Oparah


    • Maria MARTÍNEZ
      Maria MARTÍNEZ

      @Alvin Zhang agreed

    • wonderfulltorrent

      @Alvin Zhang I agree.

    • Alvin Zhang
      Alvin Zhang


  • The two faced Gemini
    The two faced Gemini

    I was listening to this before I even knew it was On The mixtape

  • rerandomized

    Everyone: I am the best rapper Me: you forgot NF

  • Mr.Merson

    the people who disliked are the ones that wrote the articles

  • Nemo S
    Nemo S

    Everyone: best song ever Me: how did u get up and down the light post

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    Only reasons to dislike because the beat hit so hard they missed the like button

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    Worlds best song right here

  • perfection obi studios
    perfection obi studios

    First nf song I listened to on new year day

  • Landon Cates
    Landon Cates

    I'm glad he don't cuss

  • CryptoTheKid

    man's second version of eminem

    • zag nadja
      zag nadja

      @Jaison Lester and the first Nathan Feuerstein

    • Jaison Lester
      Jaison Lester

      no hes the first version of NF


    Me when NF drops new album: WOO WOO WOO

  • LlamaMeat

    I remember when he first dropped this song

  • Bass_Squatch

    Rap Mortal 💀

  • shocktipuss_

    Neighbors look out the door: “honey, he’s on the light again.”

  • Present Gaming
    Present Gaming

    Director: wadda ya need? NF: Just hang me

  • Drowning in Glitter -
    Drowning in Glitter -

    The moment the subtitles can’t keep up.

  • Dimondov

    1:29 pkdkpkdkdk pkdk dkpdkkdk dkpdk

  • Pickel Water
    Pickel Water

    He needs some milk