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SEP 24: Clarkston, MI -- DTE Energy Music Theatre
SEP 25: Cincinnati, OH -- Riverbend Music Center
SEP 27: Cuyahoga Falls, OH -- Blossom Music Center
SEP 28: Burgettstown, PA -- The Pavilion at Star Lake
SEP 29: Bridgeport, CT -- Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater
OCT 01: Gilford, NH -- Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
OCT 02: Columbia, MD -- Merriweather Post Pavilion
OCT 03: Raleigh, NC -- Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek
OCT 05: Tampa, FL -- MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
OCT 06: Jacksonville, FL -- Daily's Place
OCT 07: Pelham, AL -- Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
OCT 09: Simpsonville, SC -- CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
OCT 10: Charlotte, NC -- PNC Music Pavilion
OCT 12: Brandon, MS -- Brandon Amphitheater
OCT 14: Rogers, AR -- Walmart AMP
OCT 15: Oklahoma City, OK -- Zoo Amphitheatre
OCT 16: Austin, TX -- Germania Insurance Amphitheater
OCT 17: Houston, TX -- Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman

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  • Dr. Emoji
    Dr. Emoji

    I myself suffer from major anxiety and depersonalization. NF has helped me more than any therapist or psychologist could.

  • Nicholas Ford
    Nicholas Ford

    Fantastic. Found this by accident

  • Breifcase Joe
    Breifcase Joe

    I've been heavily contemplating suicide for 2 months now, after my day went worse then i thought possible I was sitting down ready to consume hard liquor and enough sleeping pills to down an elephant and this song pops up on my spotify, Thank you for talking me out of it NF

  • Khaleb

    NF this song has been there for me through thick and thin. All I can say is Thank you! And God bless you! So much!!

  • zenon___zogratis

    Best song ever 😻😻😻

  • Izzy D
    Izzy D

    My therapy🔥🔥🔥

  • Abo Seif
    Abo Seif

    Just in case my car goes off the highway Or the plane I get on decides it's my last day I wann you to know when you're alone and you feel afraid You're not the only person in the world that isn't okay millions of us just like you, like you, like you Just like you, like you Thas millions of us just like you, like you, like you Just like you, like you

  • Alien Kitten
    Alien Kitten

    Nate consistently saves my life~🖤🙏🏻

  • Wol Jinju Vinson
    Wol Jinju Vinson

    This is the song that I heard once and knew it was amazing 👏🏽 so obviously I've been listening to it on repeat ever since🙌🏽💜

  • Olivia R
    Olivia R

    i love this so much

  • Josiah McBride
    Josiah McBride

    When the purge happens the 1.2k people who disliked this song better watch out... there's some crazy people out there 🤣🤣

  • AlexZad

    It's safe to say that everyone can relate to this song

  • Alexis Carter
    Alexis Carter

    For all those who are ok pls look around and help someone who isn't. It doesn't matter how you do it. Just knowing someone is there for you is enough. Love yall

  • matt Anderson
    matt Anderson

    Wow. Great and relatable.

  • Quyrbe BR
    Quyrbe BR

    Mano nf é outro nível

  • Federico Ottavio
    Federico Ottavio

    this song is good

  • ex0-tekk

    Other rappers spit poison with fame and loot 🌟💎 Nate spits the serum with shopping carts and balloons 🛒🎈

  • Steven Randell
    Steven Randell

    Thanks for dropping this one NF

  • Jajp_17

    This hit me hard, probably my most favourite song verse. Everybody falls sometimes, just remember that that's alright, it's rainy days the give us love for the sun and if it doesn't then I guess I'll be fine believing it does. Everybody falls sometimes, just remember that that's alright, it's the loads in life that make us cherish he highs and if it isn't then I guess I'll be fine believing a lie.

  • Jeff Hough
    Jeff Hough

    Just like you... a great message in times like these

  • Giovanni Alvarez
    Giovanni Alvarez

    Anyone else bored theres not much to do but star at the stars and cry because you realize that you will never be doing this with someone you will live with for the rest of your life💔😢😢🌟

  • wolfgameingYT_God


  • The EDGE
    The EDGE

    Thank you NF

  • LTG 33
    LTG 33

    "You feel the need to stay in your rut, cause if you left it, you might feel like you're no longer you" uhhh ouch

  • Kyler Wilhite
    Kyler Wilhite

    So glad this is on the radio now

  • Billy Clark
    Billy Clark


  • Daniella Salguero
    Daniella Salguero

    This song has literally been my thoughts all day and night. I decided to write a paragraph on my journal about what I go through every day. I honestly didn't know how much I was going through until my paragraph kept growing and growing. I don’t get why I can't talk that way with others. At the same time, I keep realizing that if I do talk about my problems, the other person would most likely talk about a similar problem and say "You know how many times that's happened to me?" And then they just talk about how annoying the problem is or how well they keep moving forward despite all the problems they go through. I wish that people can understand me more. I know that I'm basically complaining about my issues, but I find it a bit helpful that nobody really knows me, yet I can get help from the public itself by wearing the invisible cloak of the internet. Sure my name is stated, but even so, nobody knows me, yet they can help me if they feel like it. I mean so far what I've stated is my main problem that I haven't stopped thinking about. I would tell others, but it's just like I said earlier. Sometimes I question if it's just me being sensitive and weird in a way or that I'm just doing this for attention or if the person has a point and I am just deciding to feel this way. Idk. It's just a bit of a mess going on. Still, even though life can be a bit messy, all one can do is keep walking forward. Talking this way makes me feel like I should've written this on my journal as well, but I already did write something similar. Anyways, enough of me complaining for tonight because it isn’t getting me anywhere. I just thought to share this because I have wanted to get this out of my chest and nobody that I talk to can ever be helpful in any way and I feel like this comment is like me talking to a person and I feel somewhat at ease putting it out there since people get to see this. Anyways, bye. Also God is Good all the time and he blesses you and the ones you love the most.💖

    • Nameless Person
      Nameless Person

      You'll get out of it

  • Vincent Roper
    Vincent Roper

    I’ve listened to this song so many times now and every time I do I actually believe that nf actually knows how I feel man anxiety and stress and depression are hard to deal with

  • Stage4000 Mike
    Stage4000 Mike

    This man has been spitting facts about mental disease for years and doesn't get enough credit.

  • Alpaca

    This was uploaded before NF'S birthday by 4 days, and also before mine by 4 days

  • Pete the Scale Modeller
    Pete the Scale Modeller


  • RedLevelOne Mapping
    RedLevelOne Mapping

    I didn’t expect such motivation from a 4 minute song

  • Akara :)
    Akara :)

    I will watch this every time someone likes my comment - I’m kinda scared but not really… (Edit) Ok maybe a few extra times too…

  • Joseph Rerecich
    Joseph Rerecich

    Anyone notice he doesn’t use profanity?? No need to fill the gaps because there are none.

  • Mix Beans
    Mix Beans

    Why would 1.2k dislike the song???

  • Corbin Santos
    Corbin Santos

    “It's the rainy days that give us love for this sun and if it isn't I guess I’ll be fine believing a lie yeah everybody fall sometimes just remember that it's all right it's the Lows in life that will make you cherish the highs and if it isn't I guess I'll be fine believing a lie” ….🔥


    Tbh i don't get it how come someone can DISLIKE this masterpiece ! Not just 1-2 but more than 1k !

  • brian ochieng
    brian ochieng

    I have been listening to this on repeat and realized that he actually gave a hint about this song in his Album, The Search. In the song 'When I grow Up' at minute 2:10. Damn!!

  • Ronnie Ronderson
    Ronnie Ronderson

    Frick I love this tune.

  • великий магол
    великий магол

    NF - never funny... !!!!

  • s3renity

    This song is f*cking beautiful

  • Damian Frauendorf
    Damian Frauendorf

    His songs are so fire,

  • Barnacle

    This reminds me of Angel Beats!

    • Barnacle

      And just think Yuri is singing it to Otonashi

  • Luchi Hidi
    Luchi Hidi

    La mejor canción me parece

  • Kelly Mweetwa
    Kelly Mweetwa

    Too good

  • HERO

    Best song 😍💖

  • Llauis Aubets
    Llauis Aubets

    Lemonemesis is the way

  • Luygi M.
    Luygi M.

    I'm gonna crash the car listening to the chorus. "Just in case my car goes off the highway". In case any of my friends see this, is too late. But I hope you guys be okay, I'm sorry.

    • Baby Goat
      Baby Goat

      @Hqyan :D

    • Hqyan

      @Baby Goat tf is wrong with you

    • Baby Goat
      Baby Goat

      DO ITT!

    • true gamer
      true gamer

      don't do it , please 😢

  • Phoenix Chambrone
    Phoenix Chambrone

    This song is me 💔 😭

  • Sandiso Mbanjwa
    Sandiso Mbanjwa

    Just set up my camp for this album

  • Mr saiyan
    Mr saiyan

    Deep, powerful, uplifting! Realmusic! 👍✌️🙏🔥🔥🔥

  • WarriorAjaz Xx
    WarriorAjaz Xx

    Can’t tell if he’s actually depressed or what

  • Kari Walters
    Kari Walters

    Love him

  • Lu Na
    Lu Na


  • Cisco Diaz
    Cisco Diaz

    I manage to hear this song on the radio tonight NF keep doing what you do best

  • Rachel Jose
    Rachel Jose

    I feel lost I want to go to heaven I feel unsaved because of my sin I carry around , I fall on my Christian journey I need gods help every day. I can't live without god am nothing with out the lord

  • Anthony Saladrigas
    Anthony Saladrigas

    Honestly my favorite song for this mixtape. So many great songs, but this one just hits different.

  • Hannah Penoyer
    Hannah Penoyer

    pretty sure we could all agree that he's the most underappreciated musician. not even underrated, just underappreciated. undervalued. he's like a hidden treasure. i love feeling like i have this music to myself, (i don't personally know anyone who listens to nf) because it feels more special and personal. (and ofc i attach it to my trauma, which is very personal.) but i wish more people listened to more of nate's music. not just the few mainstream songs that have played on the radio. i think we can also agree that if we ranked all of his music from best to worst songs, those few songs would be nowhere near the top of the list. (of course i haven't listened to a single song of his that i disliked or thought was not very good, but you get the point.) idek what im saying. i havent slept in a couple days lol. sorry. have a great day or night, wherever you are edit: i want tacos

  • Kevin Covins
    Kevin Covins

    I like that intro between 0 to 33secs

  • FearlessNightMegan & DemonLeahRose
    FearlessNightMegan & DemonLeahRose

    Arizona Zervas

  • Adrianna Clay
    Adrianna Clay

    I'm one of those people who is alone

  • Abhijeet Mishra
    Abhijeet Mishra

    NF's comment section is the only place where you will find people just like you, Feels like Home

    • Yum yum8383
      Yum yum8383

      Yep it feels safe here

  • Elliott Vaughan
    Elliott Vaughan

    Where is the Love button I only see the Like and dislike ones

  • poorva singh
    poorva singh

    *We* are just like you. Millions of *us* just like you. *him*

  • Ahmed Amr
    Ahmed Amr

    who is here from nemesis?

  • Zeref Playz
    Zeref Playz

    sometime i wish u were my older brother . \

  • فادي العولقي
    فادي العولقي

    عشق ❤NF

  • Abhijeet Mishra
    Abhijeet Mishra

    NF's comment section feels like home❤️

  • cheles116

    His music takes me to another place 💜💜💜💜💜 MUST RELATABLE ARTIST EVER

  • Xx D.Â.Ż.Ż.Ł.Ï.N.G xX
    Xx D.Â.Ż.Ż.Ł.Ï.N.G xX

    Can I use this song on in a video?

  • June Salazar
    June Salazar

    Zukks bring me here

  • Scott Murphy
    Scott Murphy

    So good!

  • ethan stone
    ethan stone

    Wow that's awesome you know it good

  • Emily Martens
    Emily Martens

    The fact that he puts his soul in every masterpiece he makes

  • 9After

    Pain. Sharky is in pain. Sharky is lonely. Sharky wonders, “why me?” Sharky is sad. Sharky has lost so many friends over things that he was wrongfully accused for. Sharky wants to be treated like a human. I am Sharky. I am 9After.

  • Project Dandy
    Project Dandy

    Hearing this makes getting a 0.7 drop that much more possible

  • Rully

    This song makes me appreciate what i have when i comparing my life with everybody

  • Erin Barrett
    Erin Barrett

    If you've ever seen the movie "Hachi, a Dogs tale " it isn't the real dog, hut its a real situation that actually happened. Don't question me. Watch it. This almost made me cry as much as that movie. Once u watch it you'll understand

  • Tony Joseph
    Tony Joseph

    He did it again 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jesse Keddy
    Jesse Keddy

    I hope he makes a music video for this one!

  • tatum gameing
    tatum gameing

    He is my favorite

  • serega anonimys
    serega anonimys

    Thanks you NF

  • Cody Erickson
    Cody Erickson


  • SMGmusic

    This is probably NF’s happiest song

  • Dominic Frescatore
    Dominic Frescatore

    I don't feel anything I have problems

  • Elizabeth BRIGGS
    Elizabeth BRIGGS

    Music or music makers...

  • ravioli sauce1
    ravioli sauce1

    this song is fire

  • Nicole Mcafee
    Nicole Mcafee

    NF deserves way more likes ever notice how he has way more likes than dislikes it’s because he rapping facts of life.

  • Aaron Hagedorn
    Aaron Hagedorn


  • Jade Holland
    Jade Holland

    The difference between NF and other muscians singing about this subject? Most artists: Theres millions of you just like me. NF: Theres millions of us just like you, I know the points been made here but to eloberate on that point, hearing that lyric for the first time made me choke up into tears, because it holds a difference, while the song was written for whatever personal reason to NF it also hones directlly in on you as a listener, he is speaking to an audience , yes. But when you listen to this it is like he is just speaking to YOU. And believe me, people i know tell me everyday i am not alone but not even they have made me feel this particular emotion in comfort in it, NF truly has a way with wording like no other.

  • Blue Wolfie
    Blue Wolfie

    I already listen to it on repeat! 🥰 I can relate to his music also. 😅

  • Lucy

    This is art

  • Idk You
    Idk You

    Em: I'm the rap god Mgk: i'm the rap devil NF:pretty sure i'm better than bot of you

  • alaya

    My dad said this is my song…. I can’t complain it’s pretty good 🥰

  • Motocross geek
    Motocross geek

    His the best he’s Christian and has good music

  • Mike Kildahl
    Mike Kildahl

    This does not have enough traffic.

  • BlryCarrot11

    Is it possible to get a like Nate??

  • ヴァ・サクラダ

    Ahhh, his voice is so relaxing I'm happy to know such a wonderful artist

  • Owen Spencer
    Owen Spencer


  • George Stan
    George Stan

    if it's millions like me , it's ok then :)