Official video for “DRIFTING” by NF.
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SEP 25: Cincinnati, OH -- Riverbend Music Center
SEP 27: Cuyahoga Falls, OH -- Blossom Music Center
SEP 28: Burgettstown, PA -- The Pavilion at Star Lake
SEP 29: Bridgeport, CT -- Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater
OCT 01: Gilford, NH -- Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
OCT 02: Columbia, MD -- Merriweather Post Pavilion
OCT 03: Raleigh, NC -- Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek
OCT 05: Tampa, FL -- MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
OCT 06: Jacksonville, FL -- Daily's Place
OCT 07: Pelham, AL -- Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
OCT 09: Simpsonville, SC -- CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
OCT 10: Charlotte, NC -- PNC Music Pavilion
OCT 12: Brandon, MS -- Brandon Amphitheater
OCT 14: Rogers, AR -- Walmart AMP
OCT 15: Oklahoma City, OK -- Zoo Amphitheatre
OCT 16: Austin, TX -- Germania Insurance Amphitheater
OCT 17: Houston, TX -- Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman

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  • Isaiah Carter
    Isaiah Carter

    You don’t even gotta listen to the real lyrics to feel his music!! It’s that emotion he brings with his delivery behind the lyrics 🔥💯

  • High_sickbay_4U

    The whole thing is just 🔥

  • Pedro Morais
    Pedro Morais

    On fire!!🔥

  • Chris’ Stories and gaming
    Chris’ Stories and gaming

    This song rlly be putting me ina whole new world fr fr

  • A Devries
    A Devries

    Why do I relate with this song so much!

  • Billy Clark
    Billy Clark

    couldn't help but think of (worthy by san holo) NF remember when we compared him to other rapper's now he's like (NF)

  • Sameul Claggett
    Sameul Claggett

    "I see u in the distance, asking me why im so distance" - NF. i feel that I grown distance from a lot people, i don't want to, it sucks seeing all my friends change with each other and sitting going through life and in being unable to grow with them cause other people have broken my trust and leaving me hardly trusting my self, nf u truly are one of my favorite artists and ur music helps me everyday I can't wait for the next album

  • Kooper Dodd
    Kooper Dodd

    When I die I wanna hear this song


    If this isn’t played at my wedding/funeral I’m not coming




    We all drifters now

  • Zenith Nomad
    Zenith Nomad

    so much truth in one song...

  • b

    lowkey my favorite song that he has ever released.

  • Tony Espinoza
    Tony Espinoza

    I bought the mix tape and I love it

  • Jacinta Marie Walther
    Jacinta Marie Walther

    He raps from the heart

  • GameHouse _3
    GameHouse _3

    I bet he can’t make a bad song even if he tries his best.

  • Charlie Kirkpatrick
    Charlie Kirkpatrick

    I keep forgetting I already liked this video/ I will always love the words you say and feel it too.

  • Annie Carter
    Annie Carter

    He in my brain every time he knows how i feel @NF i wish you knew how much your music help me John 3:16-21

  • williamcarr1991ify

    Still drifting

    • Dave

      Me too. Can't stop. Actually don't want to stop.

  • The Reverb Room
    The Reverb Room

    If ya love some Slowed and Reverb NF. Here is a Playlist For ya! If not then I'm sorry for wasting your time. 😟😭

  • milkycow22

    Imagine this as a music video 👌😮

  • Giga Chad
    Giga Chad

    This one hit me real fuckin hard...

  • Hamed


  • Ręåpêṙ

  • Dessierror

    best song ever

  • Little Spiderman and little venom
    Little Spiderman and little venom

    I love this song

  • Snkiee

    2021? :))))))))

  • Your Average Chad
    Your Average Chad

    Why is this free?

  • Charlie Kirkpatrick
    Charlie Kirkpatrick

    We love You man 😢❤

  • Richard nguni
    Richard nguni


  • Richard nguni
    Richard nguni


  • 100PUD_TV

    I saw the text of song with line "ignorant to my ignorance", but i hear "ignorant to my arguments"...Who is native speaker? How is it correct?

    • shmidvark

      It says, “Ignorant to my ignorance.”

  • The Real Aaron Collins
    The Real Aaron Collins

    This is the band ZUMBI's new song "FEAR". A new band of Christian Believers who write about what's going on in the world today from a Christian perspective. Check them out.

  • Tessie Pinkman
    Tessie Pinkman

    This one hit HARD. 100% where I am right now... So thank you for helping me put words on my feelings, once again. You're easily one of the most interesting rappers at the moment, in my opinion.

  • Cataclysm

    My local music store said they didn't sell this album; and I asked them why they were even open.

    • Nate!

      lmaoo 😂

  • Eric

    Thank you for being the only person I can trust...

  • Jonathan Stratton
    Jonathan Stratton

    I'm absolutely a huge Eminem fan, always have been and always will with the way he puts words together and how he says them and all the different meanings and so on. BUT with that being said, NF is just different and in his own lane. You can here the passion in his voice and his bars are hitting hard. May not be as complex but it doesn't matter. All these songs are fire and he deserves all the accolades and everything positive that comes with it. Respect to this man. He's bringing people together and shining light on issues that not many will touch. Anyway, drifting and prideful are soul touching

  • B H
    B H

    man when those strings come in and he says told you look into the mirror and say I love you I just immediately tear up. I wish I could do that and believe it. Why is it so hard for some people.

  • Josh Arnold
    Josh Arnold

    I Respect NF so much for the lyric's he writes and the live's, soul's, heart's and mind's he touches with his Music! In every song His work ethic and back to back consistency is amazing! He only gets better every song, every album he puts out! I hope he never changes unless its within the realm of developing his sound. NF is one of my top 3 Favorite Rap Artist. He's saved my life countless times! And Whenever I listen to his music on a regular basis I like myself better because I'm closer to the person I truly am. He help's me with my Struggles so I'm able to be a better man. When I drift away from his music and Christianity I don't like myself near as much! It's all in what you feed your mind I believe and that defenitly applies to me as an individual. Thank you so much for your music!

  • Tusbill

    My Ps5 controller can relate to this..title.

  • PapayaMariah

    “The way you’re talking to yourself is rude” A;djfkas;fkd;sajfkl;sadjflk;asdfjka That’s it that’s the comment

  • Trafalgar D. Water Law
    Trafalgar D. Water Law

    Is that Pewdiepie?

  • Jessica Merritt
    Jessica Merritt

    The one bad thing about the song is that it is to short

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson

    This is definitely the best on the album. It hits different. This song seeps down into my bones.

  • Lil Baa
    Lil Baa

    Hey, person scrolling through the comments right now, you'll probably never see me ever again because I'm only 1 of the billions of people on this earth, but all I wanted to say was, I hope you have a wonderful day. Don't let anyone or anything bring you down. You're special in your own way and don't let anyone or anything take that feeling of being special away from you and remember this that's you will always be seen as a special person by your family and friends and they will always love and cared for about you.

  • Andrew Belcher
    Andrew Belcher

    Smile on brother. An smile on brothers and sisters

  • Eric Wilkins
    Eric Wilkins

    good song

  • A.L Ch4nn3l
    A.L Ch4nn3l

    There's just something about NFs songs that make me want to pick up the pen and write a song that would bring world peace. Just the way he let's you into his own world, opens every door and shows you every corner of that room. The amount of emotions in every track is incredible as is with the amount of motivation.

  • WanHeda 1033
    WanHeda 1033

    I find myself drifting as I'm listening to this song

  • Solo Jed
    Solo Jed


  • Tyt Erd
    Tyt Erd

    Who else loves the song but can't stand the ending

    • Nikki

      He added that recently before the release The song was done before he did that. He has a baby coming now he is happier more hopeful and maybe that is why he had to add to it. Most of us love it. I love it. 🖤

  • kathryn nock
    kathryn nock

    I'm gonna keep saying this until Nate no longer makes music.. all these songs hit different.

  • Anfer

    i'm hearing this song every day, is magical.

  • Marius Birlad
    Marius Birlad

    all of your songs are soooo fire you are my favorite Christian rapper!!!!!!!!!!

  • TTVbtwitsjacob Shetley
    TTVbtwitsjacob Shetley

    Imagine disliking

  • OiTrees 999
    OiTrees 999

    This is relevant 🙏🙏🙏

  • Ghvst

    This is my favorite song rn. I've listened to it many times since getting out of the mental hospital and it has helped me stay positive. Thank you Nate for showing me I'm not alone.

  • finlay manson
    finlay manson

    It takes one man to have no emotion but it takes a special kind of man to say that he went through stuff and that ur not alone much respect nf

  • vape spawn
    vape spawn

    just woah, the last line, "cant remain afraid" struck me some kind of way

  • Michal Gajdoš
    Michal Gajdoš


  • GameHouse _3
    GameHouse _3

    2:50 Use me as repeat

  • Suzi Savvedge
    Suzi Savvedge

    I just lost my grandma about a month ago.. She was more of Mom than Grandma. And for the moment, this is so spot on. I just want to say thank you, Nate, for always having a song to match my feelings. It's therapeutic, because I block out my feelings, and music lets me FEEL. ...&Then release those feelings. Blahhhh. ~2AM thoughts.

  • Smoking a Bowl
    Smoking a Bowl

    Every time i hear this and he says the word lingering i tear up. Its soo strong

  • TTVbtwitsjacob Shetley
    TTVbtwitsjacob Shetley

    The vibe tho

  • The legend
    The legend

    Drifting Watchin' the world go 'round World go, yeah (world go, yeah) Listening To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds Unknown sounds, unknown sounds Slippin' through my fingertips (ayy), lingerin' Shoulda, woulda, coulda, where'd I put the pen? (Woah) Make a list of all my failed attempts, runnin' out of space again Highlight all the things I wish I never said (stop) If feeling makes you stronger, I'm the weakest That would mean that I would have to separate from my beliefs It's not a secret, I'm a puzzle, got a lot of missin' pieces Underneath this strong persona I put on's a kid that's screamin' Aren't these waters so deceivin'? (So deceivin') They look different, don't they? Well, at least that's how they seem to me 'Cause we just drift and drift and drift Until we see something that we define as peaceful Grab the needle, shoot reminders in my veins That people leave you while I'm driftin' Watchin' the world go 'round World go, yeah (world go, yeah) Listening To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds Unknown sounds, unknown sounds Lots of gossip, I've been watchin' you How you're talkin' to yourself is rude Driftin', I'm in the same boat as you Sinkin', dreamin', screamin' for some truth And (my, my) escalator's broke, I'll take the stairs, I guess Climb until I'm outta breath, questioning my every step (whoa) My train of thought is leading me to different tracks Positive that where I'm at is not where I should stay and that's (why) Told you look into the mirror and say, "I love you" Convince yourself that no one in the world would ever want to Passin' by the people that have been there to support you From the get-go, disrespectful, drive you mental Might get stressful when I'm driftin' I see you in the distance Askin' me why I'm so distant, I'm convicted I'm convinced that I predict that all my wishes on my wish list won't be heard 'Cause I'm committed to the lie that feeling safe is unrealistic When I'm driftin' Watchin' the world go 'round World go, yeah (world go, yeah) Listening To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds Unknown sounds, unknown sounds Ignorant to my ignorance Tell me I'm worth it, God Give me the faith to rise and help me diversify To take a step forward, immersed in my belligerence, amplified The feelings and words collide Intensified by living a life deprived I'd rather be burned alive Than go back to thinkin' I'm insignificant (insignificant) Every impotent moment debated can trigger it God is my witness definitive Holdin' my head up, there isn't an innocent bone in my body But that's what gives me the energy lacked To renovate, have to innovate, past intimidates Can't remain afraid -NF

    • Nguyễn Thái Bình 12CT1-01
      Nguyễn Thái Bình 12CT1-01


  • Cailen Cox
    Cailen Cox

    And he’s back

  • kwasny diesel
    kwasny diesel

    1.54 could never relate more to any lyric ever

  • Ashla Hoyt
    Ashla Hoyt

    Been struggling with mental illness my whole life, then in 2019 I was in chronic pain from untreated arthritis. When quarantine hit I started to drift even farther than I did before. I stay in my room for weeks, barely get up from bed, and practically live at my desk. NF has helped me through all of it. Even though I am in pain, always depressed, never sleeping well, or even sleeping at all NF helps me get up in the morning. I finally admitted to myself that I needed help because of his song "Leave Me Alone". I still have a long way to go mentally and physically, (I'm only 16) but NF's music is always there when life gets too much to bare. The impact of these past 2 years have changed me for the better, but I wouldn't be here if it weren't for NF.

    • BJORNtobeWILD

      Stay strong, you know things Will change

  • gregs a toaster
    gregs a toaster

    watchin the world go round


    Yo who else loves NF and comes here to help you through tough times

  • Kareem Alizada
    Kareem Alizada

    Song: "OY" Me: "Goosebumps"

  • Lone Wolf Nergigante
    Lone Wolf Nergigante

    I literally can't stop listening to this one, there's just something about it.

  • Joshua Bingham
    Joshua Bingham

    “Can’t remain afraid.”

  • Christopher Gourdine
    Christopher Gourdine

    This song should be in the 600 million+ views.

  • Zachary Crider
    Zachary Crider

    My heart at the very end:📈

  • UziStorm

    My favourite part 0:00 to 3:20

  • GLJordann


  • David Sharp
    David Sharp

    The only youtube video I have seen where the dislikes are less than one percent of the likes.

  • mwamba shadrick
    mwamba shadrick

    My boy never lets me down🔥

  • Sylvano Nadal
    Sylvano Nadal

    Nf does not show his feelings....I mean he puts it all in his songs. And us listening can relate🖤

  • Insomnia

    It consoles my mind and heart till I'm just a body, drifting through the clouds.

  • Taylor Brewer
    Taylor Brewer

    “Look into the mirror and say I love you, convince yourself that no one in the world would ever want to.”

    • Taylor Brewer
      Taylor Brewer

      I don’t know why but it deleted half of my comment- ;;-;;

  • PleaseQuitChewing1010 Please
    PleaseQuitChewing1010 Please

    I'm the weakest, thank you

  • Lillia

    It's a song with feelings no one can discribe.

  • Sophiia V.D.P
    Sophiia V.D.P

    wow, my one wish would be to do a song with Nate, ever had to dream about something and then think if its ever gonna be real maybe I'm overreaching but I know my imagination is enough for now, Well done Nate, you've got this far and it gives me goosebumps to think how inlove I am with your songs, the lyrics is touching every part of my soul. This is you, no one but YOU,

  • Ahmed Abou-Zeid
    Ahmed Abou-Zeid

    legend 🔥

  • void gallows
    void gallows

    showed this to my dog now he's a dawg!!

  • Jordan Barton
    Jordan Barton

    After listening 👂 to this album on a whole, nearly everyday since release, I have to say this is my most “replayed” song. I love it so much

  • Punnish3r Gaming
    Punnish3r Gaming

    Such a big fan. I remember when NF only had 2mil subs. Growing so much and I love it. Keep it up dude your amazing!!!!

  • Zoli Kohán
    Zoli Kohán

    You are change my life with this album.

  • Hadley Harris
    Hadley Harris

    The second verse of this song is what sold it to me as my favourite of all time. Finally surpassing “I miss the days” as no 1

  • z3phyr


  • Daft

    I'm always gonna love that outro tho 🔥🔥

  • Courtney Ricci
    Courtney Ricci

    The start of this song got me thinking is nf listened to a couple of jon bel music.

  • Rhino ry games
    Rhino ry games

    Im am just like omost evey song

  • S i L o r a K
    S i L o r a K

    The ending is just wow!

  • Suniki siangshai
    Suniki siangshai

    Subscribed to this channel when it has only 2M subscribers and now i like to read these comments and listen to NF

  • Nathan Billingsley
    Nathan Billingsley

    The luxuriant valley utrastructurally reduce because tortellini micrencephaly heap upon a wistful english. imperfect, cuddly plantation

  • Eric

    Sup Nate, we don't know each other but I just wanna say thank you for your music, it was the only thing that pulled me out of my year and half depression in 2019, cuz of PTSD. You helped make me passionate about music and I appreciate it, thank you

  • Eric Epifanio
    Eric Epifanio

    Can we get a music video already!!?? Still playing this song on repeat like it dropped yesterday 🔥