NF - Let Me Go (Audio)
Official video for “Let Me Go” by NF.
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  • Sadie Borus
    Sadie Borus

    Amazing 😍💖

  • GmanRules 01
    GmanRules 01

    I want lyrics under your songs pleasssee. Your flow is honestly god like.

  • vxion scs
    vxion scs

    Songs that follow the same vibe?

  • Charles Delta
    Charles Delta

    Just got out of alcoholism, got back to my feet and met my wife

  • Javad Samad
    Javad Samad

    We'll never let you go Nate:)🤍

  • Annsley Roney
    Annsley Roney

    That's some REAL MUSIC🖤

  • Aaron Cochran
    Aaron Cochran

    Woke up this morning and needed something to hit my soul. NF always makes me feel some type of way. Can't live without his music.

  • Nikol Mits
    Nikol Mits

    Is it bad if i feel that NF understands me better than my family/friends?

  • Tshiamo Olebogeng
    Tshiamo Olebogeng

    ITS the 12th of july 2021 and its still talking to me

  • Aleksey Stovba
    Aleksey Stovba

    Bro!!!!! How do you do this!? Your music, your songs, specially this one. everything I feel in lyrics Thank you for what u doin

  • Charlie Kirkpatrick
    Charlie Kirkpatrick

    😍😍😍😢😢since you came out i have loved you and still do ❤

  • C S
    C S

    Beautiful voice God gifted with heart Raw Honest a confession to God and pleading let me go Aka FREEDOM

  • Skye Grey
    Skye Grey


  • Johnnie Mccain
    Johnnie Mccain

    Everything I feel in my heart right now is in this song

  • cockroach

    Lyrics legit!

  • cockroach

    Good song....... first chores should have half the length...... save long chores for after 2nd verse..... One opinion people, don't get all up.

  • I like Jeffy from sml
    I like Jeffy from sml

    I'm tired of feeling Miss understood Trapped Upset Numb Un loved In pain There's to much on the list to comment hope y'all are doing better 😞

  • I like Jeffy from sml
    I like Jeffy from sml

    NF I know you probably won't see this but you saved me from suicide and for that your a life saver 🙏

  • Lynn 0x
    Lynn 0x

    hate hate hate 4 this planet

  • Diane Gregory
    Diane Gregory

    Anyone else listening to this at 3am screaming the lyrics while sobbing

  • Jenny Skidmore
    Jenny Skidmore

    i love nf and def this song

  • workmanboys

    ur cool

  • Reese Fredricks
    Reese Fredricks

    When he said "liars in my home" I felt that

  • Just Your Average Weeb
    Just Your Average Weeb

    those balloons represent our childhood. You put color into them, they are fun and innocent. You take the color away, and it's black and depressing. Now your left wondering, where did the color go? Why can't I get it back? There goes our childhood, just like that.

  • Krishan G
    Krishan G

    nf songs, by now, r like an eighth of my whole playlist

  • Shawna Awais
    Shawna Awais

    Anyone here from ace hernandez instagram page🖤

  • Violet Evergarden
    Violet Evergarden

    "Everybody has a dark sida, I feel emberessed when they see mine" ..... I'm sad but bcz i don't understand my feelings i don't really know why I'm sad, I know it was since 8 a long time ago and my memory is dead so it's maybe normal to not remember but still...when i hear others problems i really wonder if I have the right to be sad.....I love my sadness, it's the only left for me but I feel like it's taken from me and that's scar my....

  • Nina Martinez
    Nina Martinez

    Friend: you should listen to The Weekend or Juice Wrld. Nf is so trash🙄 Me: I don't need that. Friend: why, Nf doesn't teach you anything. Me: well let me show some of his bangers *throws Therapy Session, Let Me Go, Thinking, and bunch more bangers

  • Iria BTS
    Iria BTS

    Esta canción es una pasada, amo a NF, sus letras son realistas y tiene una voz muy potente y hermosa para cantar y rapear 💜💜💜✨✨😭🖐

  • Deevee7278

    My favorite song and the best real rap song right now.... He deserves a Grammy for this. Period

  • omar

    this song makes my eyes teer cuz i relate to it so bad.

  • KK Mariana
    KK Mariana

    I've never heard so much pain and feeling in some ones voice in singing or rapping then this

  • fai zan
    fai zan

    Why nf is soo underrated 😠

  • Jeffery Adkins
    Jeffery Adkins

    The frantic waitress definitely man because feast bareilly rescue worth a bite-sized language. mountainous, bright plier

  • shahd jastaniah
    shahd jastaniah

    Most of your songs feel like you are writing about ME. It is like you know me so well even though you never met me. Sometimes this type of songs is what keeps me sane and prevents me from hurting myself. The feeling when you know someone understands your emotions and soreness. The fact that I struggle with all this and not able to put it into words then you come and expresses my feelings perfectly is mind-blowing. I just hope and pray you feel better now. And happy as can be.

  • Hi hi I am A Pie
    Hi hi I am A Pie

    Me: leave me alone The voices: no

  • Courtney Doud
    Courtney Doud

    I wish this came out 3 years ago I needed to hear this then

  • Nathan Rogers
    Nathan Rogers

    What's an easy way to kill myself?

  • Nathan Billingsley
    Nathan Billingsley

    The tricky stranger conversly roll because washer immunochemically learn pace a psychotic industry. woozy, horrible apple

  • Jordanna Wheeler
    Jordanna Wheeler

    Wow. Never related to any human being so much 🥺 loved your music for a while but this album is a masterpiece, thank you for being real about the ugly side of trauma and mental illness ❤

  • yvonne green
    yvonne green


  • yvonne green
    yvonne green


  • Ryder Simson
    Ryder Simson

    Powerful. ... I hold on so tight. ... Tortured begging to be let go. ...

    • Ryder Simson
      Ryder Simson

      Still struggling straining stressing to hold on begging to be let go. ... Tortured to be let go. ...

  • v10l3nt_l0v3

    let me go baby.. ill see you soon okay? i love you. goodbye my love ❤️

  • Supee

    3:19 damn that is just so delicate

  • Chastity Burger
    Chastity Burger

    Why is there more views than subs?? Oh I know, more depressed people, this is the saddest thing ever. Keep helping and don't forget to take care of yourself, other people may need help, but you do too. So take care and have a nice life.

  • Lil'Fox The Hylian
    Lil'Fox The Hylian

    You have no idea how many times I cried to this, huh....yeah fuck life fuck everything

  • Lil'Fox The Hylian
    Lil'Fox The Hylian

    I'm done with humanity's bullshit...I'm done with life......LET ME THE FUCK GO

  • Samuel Cincurak
    Samuel Cincurak

    100 years ago: Ashes remain- old Skylet- dont remembered ACDC- nobady knows them NF- still helping peoples

  • Jayden Lewis
    Jayden Lewis

    hail Nigga Fork

  • GRocket1020

    When you realize the song is in 3/4 time. ok then

  • Cameron Lloyd
    Cameron Lloyd

    Your music keeps me going Nate. We'll never meet, talk, or see each other, but you changed my life for the better.

  • Lil'Fox The Hylian
    Lil'Fox The Hylian

    I need them to let me go 🚶

  • Gatcha Berry LPS
    Gatcha Berry LPS

    NF is underrated. Being someone with psychological disorders this music is something beyond relatable. To hear his words and realize I'm not the only one feels and thinks these ways puts my mind and soul at ease, his music is like medicine to me. ❤️

  • Brent Degnan
    Brent Degnan

    Nf is the best true artist ever to do hip hop he dont get the recognition cuz he's a Christian

  • Lemoneasy

    the beat is so good

  • Viken Zadoyan
    Viken Zadoyan

    *You heard the man, like this video.*

  • Caleb Malm
    Caleb Malm

    We always wanted that perfect rapper we could relate to, he's here, its weird to think of a time without him

  • YAMI

    When you are the Only one I Miss The Days My Stress makes me Hate Myself the Options I have No Excuses I Search for Time, Change, bank Returns. Why? Cause Trauma Like This Leave Me Alone Nate Let Me Go When I Grow Up I be Thinking -interlude-

  • Gadrawingz

    This music can't let me go!

  • Demon Child
    Demon Child

    its a year ..its 2021 who else hears this song at 3am or sum and thinks where did they go wrong in a relanship cuz ...ik i do still i cant let him go i still love him and i cant see myself without him here so ''hey to anyone how see this ''

  • Lovemore panashe Matiyenga
    Lovemore panashe Matiyenga

    "Time is of the essence," say that again

  • Bito

    Aim in ur Direction

  • Kiss Rebeca
    Kiss Rebeca

    this song got me through a lot and I thank u for it.

  • Salwa Dies
    Salwa Dies

    Depressed people don't want to die they just want a different life

  • Salwa Dies
    Salwa Dies

    “The strongest people suffer the most”

  • Josh Breaux
    Josh Breaux


    • 《☆Out[ed]Space☆》


  • Chew D3
    Chew D3

    I let the old me go, a freedom of a spoken world we chose freedom we speak and spoke, as on my own air I started to choke, finally free my mind in a different time I awoke, amazing how I can finally see a true path stoked, a clear sight, in every way I know what I see is right, one day at a time I take it light, no one I hear no noise I stand up with a true pose, a rose 🥀 alive 🌹 time to arise, true life’s such a better adrenaline-rush a true high, helping not just my, every one else for I look to change the world right, for you but for me truly needed a different sight, for me I truly try now right, don’t see the foot prints walk & step to see the light for others we need to guide right, not left or right, but for our rights, no more letting the government lay our plots tight, we need to come together and fight for our lives.. sry to bug you NF, the stars true feelings you guys bring out in me the drive, it even blows me away, so again I say Thank you for inspiration and inspiring me more then ever, much love bro keep doing what you do..

  • Jennifer Williamson
    Jennifer Williamson

    If your still here in 2021 you are a true fan

  • Pancake Waffle
    Pancake Waffle


  • Kirara❤️‍🔥

    I really want a Roblox I’d code for this song so bad I love this song!

  • Alex Dubois
    Alex Dubois

    sat here and listened to this and at the end said "same"

  • Hypixel dummies
    Hypixel dummies

    I feel rich when i listen to this.. Thanks NF

  • Susan Renner
    Susan Renner

    Sigh 💫

  • Coleen Anderson
    Coleen Anderson


  • Tsiri

    This bitch hits different

  • Delia Cinca chacon
    Delia Cinca chacon


  • Ronald Alvarado
    Ronald Alvarado

    I grew up with run dmc. I appreciate your artistry

  • Ronald Alvarado
    Ronald Alvarado

    My man....preach..... beyond your years

  • Chew D3
    Chew D3

    This song truly touches a cord I didn’t know existed, makes you understand why things are twisted, normal people walk every ones trapped, that’s cause your just letting them over lap, you quit feeling trapped, in your mind you need to be tapped, tapped in, heal yourself heal your sins make a new lens... Thanks 🤩 all you can do is practice to get better, maybe corny but it’s my letter..

    • Chew D3
      Chew D3

      @HoneyDukes12 broken English as I spoke but I hear nothing you said but choke choke, more subs you need to be awoke, you sleep with no meaning cause you need true healing, I won’t hold it against you hope you find a day to become you and true, transparent not black white and blue, sorry your shaded, once I was fully too, but it takes looking at all sides not just you, hope that’s broken enough for you, hope this sinks in with more then one clue, get off the meth and brain chew, it may help your brain but sry won’t make it brand new 🤣💆🏻‍♂️🕺🙋‍♂️

    • HoneyDukes12

      I'm sorry, but, I have no idea what you said. Broken english.

  • DivineLove 333
    DivineLove 333

    This song helped me get out of a 12 year toxic relationship 👍

  • Dazboiz 97
    Dazboiz 97

    “They just want me dead they just want me hurt don’t want me to live don’t want me alive”

  • zawri

    NF = Never Fake.

  • $$Awful But Memorable Meatball$$
    $$Awful But Memorable Meatball$$

    Every time I get a nf song reacmended I listen to it and get obsessed

  • Macs Stone
    Macs Stone

    I'm here for everyone else suffering from depression/anxiety right now. Life is hard I know, I feel ya. I tried to od and listening to the song helps me realize that I'm not the only one... Hit me up if you need a new perspective or someone to talk to I'm always here

  • DivineLove 333
    DivineLove 333

    Wow amazing!!!!!!

  • Molly Lambert
    Molly Lambert

    I love all of Nate's songs, sometimes it scares me, cause he sings about what I'm going through. Always replay his songs over and over. Thank you Nate, want you to know I appreciate you

  • NawNerd

    "They just want me dead They just want me hurt Don't want me to live Don't want me alive..." This part is something I can't really explain with words...


    I gotta learn to let my self go sometimes

  • Lone Wolf Nergigante
    Lone Wolf Nergigante

    I can't be the only one who really likes this song and keep listening to it everyday.

  • Saad Alzhrani
    Saad Alzhrani

    you know how to choose words carefully = respect

  • sniper_lion_671iii

    what does NF stand for?????????

    • sniper_lion_671iii

      @《☆Out[ed]Space☆》 there tons of NF stand for and I love NF his song I love it so much

    • 《☆Out[ed]Space☆》

      Never Fake I think

  • Loopszs

    Listen this song again wow I forgot how this relates to me so much

  • Lisa Archuletta
    Lisa Archuletta

    Go back and do what I should have done long ago .

  • Mike Murrah
    Mike Murrah

    Such a sick fuckin beat!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Timothy Barry
    Timothy Barry

    I was just scrolling through NF song and saw this and I was like HOW DID I MISS THIS!!!!

  • Mike Murrah
    Mike Murrah

    To all those who disliked this song.... you are all a joke when god made ya!!! 👎👎🔥🔥

  • Rhino ry games
    Rhino ry games

    This song is how i fill

  • offline

    Any germans?

  • not Josephine
    not Josephine

    i wonder how it would feel to be trapped in that body.. to feel that pain every day.. wait a minute i do know how it feels...